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ViceVersa Portable unique side-by-side view quickly shows you the latest status of your files and gives you complete control over your data. You get easy file backup software with flexible file archiving, bi-directional file sync software, automatic file and folder replication (=file mirroring), CRC file comparison and file verification to make sure your replica is still the same.

Since nearly all desks are equipped with computers, file sharing and connections need to be constantly up and running to ensure a smooth workflow. A large variety of applications can be used in this regard, with ViceVersa PRO being a suitable example of folder synchronizing, document backup and more.

Multiple synchronization methods

At a first look, you might say that some degree of experience is required to take advantage of what the application has to offer. However, the clever design allows beginners and experts alike to set it up. One of the first steps might have you creating new folders to use for synchronization.

Once they are set, you can move on to specifying exactly what the application should keep an eye out for. There are four main methods that can be applied to your selected directories, synchronization, backup, replication and consolidation.

Create multiple task profiles

This comes in handy for a decent variety of situations, because with the proper setup, you can copy files from source to target, with the possibility to ignore prompts regarding already existing files, choose to only copy modified ones, or simply make a backup copy.

What’s more, the application allows you to set up multiple configuration profiles and simultaneously run them. These can be saved as individual projects, with an implemented tool that lets you create a desktop shortcut that executes given commands.

Automate processes with a scheduler

In addition, tasks can fully be automated thanks to an implemented scheduler. An automated process is composed of one or more profiles you create, with the possibility to set advanced time options, ranging from simple triggering at a specific hour, to recurring events with various customizable options.

ViceVersa can copy open files without closing the program you are working on. This includes Outlook PST files, Outlook Express, QuickBooks databases, Word and Excel documents, SQL databases.

With compression and encryption, time synchronization, file archiving, file revision and versioning, ViceVersa delivers the flexibility you need to keep your data safe and protected.

No matter whether you manage a large server with hundreds of gigabytes or want a tool to secure data stored on workstations: ViceVersa is the solution you have been looking for.

Professional Windows software designed for File Synchronization, File Replication, File Backup and File Comparison.

Powerful Software

ViceVersa can synchronize, backup, replicate files and folders between laptops, desktops, servers, NAS, USB, external storage, locally or over the network, SMB, cloud.

Visual Comparison

ViceVersa Portable can compare the entire directory structure visually between two or more locations to show / reconcile all differences, including file attributes.

Advanced Scheduler

Schedule your jobs and profiles to run automatically in the background, at a set time or in real-time, as soon as file changes are detected, at start-up and / or shut-down.

Fast and Efficient

Each time ViceVersa runs, only changed and new files are copied again. All changes are optionally shown for review in the side-by-side comparison window.

Millions of Files

Through the years, we have designed ViceVersa to be able to manage millions of files not just a few thousands like most software. You will be able to sync, backup and replicate millions of files.

Fully Customizable

We have designed ViceVersa to be fully customizable with options like encryption, compression, bandwidth control, file archiving, CRC verification, file permissions, etc.

What’s new in ViceVersa Portable


  • Set dark mode in View -> Preferences. The following color schemes are available in ViceVersa PRO: Default, Gray, White, Light Gray, Dark Mode.
  • Dark Mode is available from version 5 of ViceVersa PRO. The Dark Mode color scheme is automatically selected if Windows Dark Mode is enabled. VVLauncher
  • also supports Dark Mode when Dark Mode is selected in ViceVersa.

Increase Font Size / Use Segoe Font:

  • Increase the default ViceVersa font size in View -> Preferences, plus the option to use the new Segoe font if available, instead of Tahoma

Drive Indexing (Scan Acceleration):

  • Drive Indexing / Scan Acceleration is a unique new major feature of ViceVersa PRO 5.
  • With Drive Indexing / Scan Acceleration, you can speed up the folder scanning phase of a profile significantly in certain scenarios. The scanning phase is when all the information is collected from Source and Target folder(s) to initiate the comparison and then to work out which files or folder need to be copied, based on their attributes / timestamps and on the selected execution method in ViceVersa.
  • It can take a significant amount of time to scan all files if there are a lot of files to scan. Scan Acceleration can make that a lot faster, up to 10 times faster, in some cases. For example, scanning a complete drive with two million files on it with Scan Acceleration could take less than 60 seconds, instead of 10 minutes without

CRC Comparison / Verification for % of Files:

  • Set ViceVersa to calculate and compare CRC values only for a % of randomly selected files out of the total files present in Source and Target. Sampling CRC
  • values for a subset of files can be used to quickly validate data contents of Source vs Target. For example, testing that CRC values of a % of files on a SSD is matching vs a copy of the data can be used to validate the SSD data integrity and check SSD health. Full CRC comparison of every file might take too long, while sampling a % of random files will be a lot faster.

Hide All Other Windows from the Copy Dialog Box:

  • Hide all other Windows from the copy/delete dialog during lengthy operations

Multi-Threaded Sorting:

  • Use multiple threads (8) to sort Source and Target files. This option is enabled by default. It can be 8 times as fast as a single threaded sort. This option is in Profile Settings -> Performance -> Set Multithreading Options

Faster Multi-Threaded Source / Target Scanning:

  • Implementation of a new memory cache for much faster multithreaded Source / Target scanning

Faster Source / Target Comparison:

  • New memory optimizations will result in much faster Source / Target comparisons when lots of files are to be compared
  • Calculation of File Hashes for Both Source and Target Files in the Comparison Window:
  • Calculate Multiple File Hashes of both Source and Target files directly from the ViceVersa Comparison Window

Other Features:

  • Improved scrolling speed in the comparison window
  • Improved multiple files selection
  • New option to close the copy window automatically but only if no errors were present
  • Improvements to command line parameter /incsub
  • Bug fixes and more



Download ViceVersa Portable

Download – 7.3 MB

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