Portable VideoCleaner 5.8




VideoCleaner Portable is a comprehensive piece of software that is specialized in processing digital images and videos. The utility can come in handy when you are attempting to identify clues and making small details more evident. Relied upon by forensic experts, law enforcement, and investigators worldwide. Developed by programmers from around the globe and presented by Forensic Protection. VideoCleaner is professional grade, cost-free, ad-free, and open source.

You can use any Windows computer to process digital images and videos, including some proprietary formats, and we include a screen capture tool for everything else.

Adjusting a few real-time sliders will brighten poorly lit scenes, improve facial clarity, recover license plates, change viewing perspective, reverse lens distortion, eliminate inaccurate frames, stabilize camera motion, and so much more.

Faint movements (e.g., weapon or person), distant color changes (e.g., fire origin or traffic signal), and small details become obvious.

You can annotate on-screen with text and highlighting, correct playback speed, provide sweeping or adjacent before-after views, and extract stills. Workflow and file metadata are automatically documented, and new capabilities are constantly added.

Includes a rather chunky, but still approachable GUI

Although quick and straightforward, you should bear in mind that the application also installs AviSynth and FFDshow on your computer. Since it relies on the first program, the application can be accessed via the AvsP app that serves as its interface.

Speaking of UI, the program comes in a rather rugged and arguably confusing package that may deter some of the users with less experience. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that the program includes detailed guides, instructions and even messages on how to get around or what to do next that you can preview in the dedicated log section.

Packs several advanced tools for making images clearer

Despite its not-so-friendly interface, you will be happy to learn that the program includes several impressive functions. After all, let us not forget that the idea behind the app is to help you make various details in videos and pictures more evident.

Among the circumstances when the tool can come in handy, you can count detecting fast moving objects, lighten or darken scenes, correct fuzzy videos, expand video details, remove artifacts located randomly in the video frame or clean an image to view a license plate, just to name a few.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the program may not be the best choice for processing files with noisy audio or display motion smearing where primary and adjacent details blend.

An advanced tool that can help process potential evidence files

While initially developed for law enforcement departments solely, VideoCleaner has become available to the wide public as a transparent open source tool. Whether you are trying to analyze fuzzy live footage or blurry snapshots captured by your surveillance cameras, the program can lend you a hand.




Download VideoCleaner Portable

X-58VC.rar – 82.3 MB
Mirror – 82.3 MB
VideoCleaner Users Guide.pdf – 1.0 MB

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