Portable WinBOLT 3.5




WinBolt portable is a lightweight piece of software that enables you to perform a wide variety of monotonous maintenance tasks automatically and without spending hours to configure all necessary tools.This tool is created by a Technician for the Technicians and will simplify your job on the Windows Operating System. Working with these systems, more often than not tasks like maintenance become perpetual. With that in mind, my ultimate goal and function of WinBOLT were simple, fool proof secure automation. WinBOLT automates the standard process of annoying Windows Updates, Malware Scans, running CCleaner etc.

– Automate Windows Updates
– Automate Application Installs
– Automate General Maintenance
– Automate User Backups
– Worry Free Monthly Refreshes of Maintenance


X-35WB.rar – 51.0 MB

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