Portable Ambient Design ArtRage 5.0.5




ArtRage 5 portable is the latest release from Ambient Design. It is a full featured digital painting program for Windows and macOS that brings together the convenience of digital editing tools, the realism of traditional paint texture and colors and the fun of creating art in one easy to use, professional level, program.

ArtRage 5 Features:

Natural media, custom brushes, graphic design tools, and more!

ArtRage 5 offers traditional painting tools, realistic canvas and paint textures, multiple documents, customizable interface, custom digital brushes, professional graphic design tools such as guidelines, perspective, symmetry and grids, easy to use stencils, PSD support, and more.

Painting & Drawing Tools

ArtRage is primarily a natural media painting program and offers a range of realistic tools based on real world traditional media, but also offers powerful customizable digital brushes. These tools don’t just look like their real world inspirations, they act like them too. Watercolors wash away with water, oils build up thick textures strokes, pencils softly shade, felt pens blend, and they all respond to the underlying canvas texture.

Every tool comes with a range of settings that let you adjust the brush shape, paint thickness, and other familiar properties to get your favorite variants. After you’ve added color to the canvas, you can blend paint texture and color with interactive natural media tools or the many modes of the palette knife. And of course, there is an eraser and text editing.

Editing Utilities, Graphic Design Tools and Drawing Aids

ArtRage 5 includes many helpful features to assist you as you draw, from pinning reference photos and guide lines around your screen, to adding grid lines and stencils to guide your strokes. ArtRage also makes working with layers easy. Rearrange, group, export, and rename individual layers, and use professional digital editing options to get the results you need.

Intuitive Interface

ArtRage 5 offers an intuitive interface with two entirely different modes to suit both traditional and digital workstyles. Hide or display panels at will, create custom presets, and spend your time painting instead of being distracted by menus.


What’s New 5.0.5:

– Fixed a crash that could occur in input panels generated by scripts.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Canvas Mover to lose its ‘Tear Off’ button when docked.
– Fixed a bug that caused the wrong tool to be selected after application of a scripted warp.
– Fixed a bug that caused the sampler cursor to get stuck when sampling off media when sampling the current layer only.
– Fixed an artefact that could appear in non square Custom brush heads.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Light blend mode in the Emboss Layer Effect to update to match the Shadow blend mode when activated.
– Fixed artefacts that could occur when updating a large scale Pillow Emboss Layer Effect.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the Fill tool being used in Scraps.
– Fixed a script bug that could prevent processing of some manual scripts.
– Fixed a slowdown that would occur when merging layers in groups or structures with hidden layers.
– Removed the Rotate entry from the Transform pane when transforming Tracing Images as they can’t rotate.
– Fixed a potential overflow of colour values in areas of partial opacity that could lead to artefacts.
– Scripting input panels now respect Lights Out mode properly.
– Fixed a bug that caused the numeric values for guides to appear under the Menu Bar when changing documents.
– Adjusted the Aspect Ratio lock option in resize panels to avoid conflicting with selected custom sizes.
– Made sure the Show Guides button on the Layout Panel updates when adding guides after tearing the panel off.
– Updated the Layer Effects indicator in Layer previews when cancelling the Layer Effects pane.