Portable Irix HDR Pro 2.3.25 (x64)



Irix HDR Pro Portable – AI Photo Editor. Irix HDR brings true to life HDR photo editing offering one click edits to full scale pro editing toolset. Sky Replacement (SkyXpress)- Replace skies and introduce weather. Import custom skies and merge, combine, integrate with the image for a native look using AI Edge Detect.

Irix HDR Pro Portable is a cutting-edge software solution designed to revolutionize high dynamic range (HDR) imaging for photographers, graphic designers, and visual artists. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Irix HDR Pro empowers users to unleash the full potential of their images, achieving breathtaking levels of detail, color depth, and visual impact.

Key Features of Irix HDR Pro Portable:

  1. Advanced HDR Processing: Irix HDR Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tools for merging multiple exposures into a single, stunning HDR image. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the software delivers precise tonal mapping and artifact-free blending, ensuring exceptional image quality and fidelity.
  2. Intelligent Tone Mapping: With its intelligent tone mapping capabilities, Irix HDR Pro allows users to fine-tune the contrast, brightness, and color saturation of their HDR images, achieving a perfect balance between realism and artistic expression.
  3. Automated Alignment and Ghosting Removal: The software’s automated alignment and ghosting removal features ensure seamless integration of multiple exposures, eliminating any discrepancies caused by camera movement or moving subjects during the capture process.
  4. Individual Image Adjustment: Irix HDR Pro provides granular control over each exposure within the HDR composite, enabling users to make precise adjustments to highlight and shadow details, white balance, and color rendition for unparalleled creative flexibility.
  5. Batch Processing: Streamline your workflow with Irix HDR Pro’s batch processing capabilities, allowing you to efficiently merge and enhance multiple HDR image sets in a fraction of the time, without compromising on quality.
  6. GPU Acceleration: Harness the power of your graphics processing unit (GPU) for lightning-fast HDR processing and real-time previewing, ensuring a smooth and responsive editing experience, even with large image files.
  7. Support for RAW Files: Irix HDR Pro seamlessly integrates with RAW image formats, preserving the full dynamic range and sensor data of your original captures, enabling you to maximize the potential of your high-quality RAW files.
  8. Color Management and Gamut Mapping: The software offers comprehensive color management tools, including support for wide-gamut color spaces and precise gamut mapping, allowing users to achieve accurate and vibrant color reproduction in their HDR compositions.
  9. Seamless Integration with Editing Software: Irix HDR Pro seamlessly integrates with popular editing and retouching software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, providing a seamless and efficient workflow for photographers and digital artists.
  10. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive and user-friendly interface of Irix HDR Pro ensures that both novice and experienced users can navigate the software with ease, enabling them to focus on their creative vision without being encumbered by a steep learning curve.


Elevate your photography to new heights with Irix HDR Pro Portable, the premier high dynamic range imaging software that delivers unparalleled precision, performance, and creative control. With its advanced HDR processing, intelligent tone mapping, and GPU acceleration, Irix HDR Pro empowers photographers and visual artists to transform their images into breathtaking works of art. Seamlessly integrating with RAW files and offering batch processing capabilities, this software is a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to unlock the full potential of HDR photography. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a digital artist, Irix HDR Pro is your gateway to a world of stunning visual possibilities.

In summary, Irix HDR Pro Portable is a game-changing software solution for HDR imaging, offering advanced features, seamless integration with RAW files, and a user-friendly interface. With its intelligent tone mapping, batch processing, and support for GPU acceleration, this software empowers photographers and visual artists to elevate their work to new heights, delivering stunning HDR compositions with unparalleled detail, color depth, and visual impact.


  • Sky Replacement with SkyXpress and MyND AI engine
  • AI Auto Enhance using 12+ million images
  • RGB, CMYK, Greyscale, LAB, CMYK and PANTONE© color spaces with ICC color management
  • Full 16, 32 and 64-bit per channel editing
  • Work with all standard formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS, EXR and HDR
  • Support for unlimited layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, filter layers and masks
  • Edit live filters, adjustments, effects, blend modes and masks non-destructively
  • Selective Adjustments including depth, brush, radial, gradient, luminance and color
  • Adjust exposure, blackpoint, clarity, vibrance, white balance, shadows, highlights and much more
  • 64-bit Image Processing & GPU Optimizer
  • Best-in-class noise reduction, and manual lens correction override
  • Advanced lens corrections including chromatic aberration, defringe, vignette
  • Intuitive selection brush and refinement makes selections simple, even down to strands of hair
  • AI Features – Edge Detect, Clarity, Dehaze, Denoise, Sharpen, Blur (Defocus), Bokeh. Special tools for night photography editing
  • Color – Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation
  • Light – Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Diffuse
  • Social Media ready – Crop, rotate, flip. Preset crops for FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Dynamic RGB & CMYK histogram
  • Perspective & Affine (Straighten), Keystone distortion corrections
  • Raw Image Formats- TIFF, TIF, CRW, CR2, DNG, KDC, MOS, NEF, NRW, PTX, R3D, RAF, RAW, SR2, X3F etc.

Sky Replacement (SkyXpress)
Replace skies and introduce weather. Import custom skies and merge, combine, integrate with the image for a native look using AI Edge Detect.

Presets & Filters
One-touch, social media optimized 200+ presets for an instant edit. See live preview of Preset applied to your photo, choose and click to finish your photo.

AI Auto Enhance
Make one touch auto professional style edits. Irix HDR Voxell AI engine is trained on 12+ million images and applies researched photographic techniques to enhance your photos.

Pro Color Grading
Color grade with highlights & shadows, adjust contrast, color & white balance, black level, saturation and luminance on entire image or selected area.

Import custom overlay and introduce effects like Artificial light, God rays, Reflections in water, Halo effect, Ripples, Retro, amazing backgrounds.

Local Adjustments
Make localised edits with masks & brush. Apply Radial, Gradient, Brush, Luminance, Depth masks. Insert custom overlays in selected area.

Text, Emojis & Watermark
Stylize text, insert copyright, watermark or signature. Express emotions with Emojis.

Import LUTs in .CUBE, .VF, .3DL formats. Make your own LUTs as .CUBE file.

Depth Editing
Apply local & global adjustments to any depth layer or insert an overlay.

360° & Panorama Editing
Edit, view & export, best for landscape designs.

64-bit Images
Process 8 to 64 bit images at full fidelity using the GPU (Nvidia, AMD, Intel) with 64-bit precision.

Supported ICC gamuts
XDR, HDR, P3, sRGB, Adobe RGB, CMYK, Greyscale, PANTONE© and LAB color spaces.

Collaborate online
Share image catalogs (IRX) with colleagues to preview your work in any web browser. Or simply handover the catalog with all the edit layers and editing can be resumed from where you left.

Camera Support
Edit RAW photos from Sony, Nikon, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung etc.

Voxell-G Graphics and Voxell AI engine
Push color space to the boundary of human-eye perception and execute XDR, HDR, HDR10, HDR10+ for up to 64-bit images.

Irix HDR ‘GPU Optimizer’ drives CPU & GPU to work in tandem returning crisp, lossless, full fidelity edits

Create and Sell Presets/LUTs
For Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator & OBS

Windows Technologies
Built for SQ1, SQ2, Intel & AMD processors using Machine Learning and DirectX rendering engine. Support for OneDrive, Auto HDR & High refresh-rate displays.

Basic features
– Color- Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation
– Light- Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Diffuse
– Crop, rotate, flip. Preset crops for FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
– Heal & Clone

Advanced features
– RAW image editing
– Perspective & Affine (Straighten), Keystone distortion corrections
– Mesh Warping – Freehand liquify & restore
– AI Tools- Clarity, Dehaze, Denoise, Sharpen, Blur (Defocus), Bokeh. Special tools for night photography editing
– Lens & Chromatic optical correction
– Vignette, Grain & Pixelate
– Face & body sculpt tools- skin retouch, blemish removal, photogenic looks

Pro features
– Edge detect & erase
– Batch processing
– Unlimited layers & history
– Soft proofing – Matte & gloss
– Dynamic RGB & CMYK histogram
– HSL tone curves
– Full access to Exif & metadata
– Drag & drop upto 200 megapixel images, live view in filmstrip, pan, zoom
– Open independent multiple windows or reference image
– Compressed Image Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, GRAY
Raw Image Formats- TIFF, TIF, CRW, CR2, DNG, KDC, MOS, NEF, NRW, PTX, R3D, RAF, RAW, SR2, X3F etc.



Download Irix HDR Portable

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Uploadrar – 385.1 MB

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