Portable Android Tools v1.2.1.2




Android Tools is one such program helping you manage your phone, with the range of its abilities being quite wide and including anything from ADB commands to Fastboot, and others. Controlling your mobile device via your computer could provide you with an overview of the tasks you are carrying out, not to mention that there are complementary software utilities that could come to the aid of your handset when none of its own capabilities seems to make a difference.

A feature-packed companion to your Android phone

Before anything else, it is worth pointing out that installing the program in not a demanding operation, and once the program is running, you are prompted with a feature-packed but at the same time neatly organized user interface.

There are multiple tabs you can access, depending on the task you want to undertake. If you have your Android connected via a USB cable and you can view the device model as well as info about the battery at the bottom of the main window, you are ready to put the program’s features to the test.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands can be handled by the application, with support for pushing or pulling files, shell console, and more. Apart from that, the “Fastboot” section enables you to flash your device, with the option to resort to manual commands being provided as well. Note, however, that you must know what you are doing, otherwise the procedure could result in irreversible damages to your phone.

Helps you take the reins of your Android handset

As for “Apps Tools,” this is where you need to go in order to install or uninstall applications on your Android handset, with the possibility of backing up, restoring, or clearing data. If you need to force-close your device, you can rest assured since the program can help you with that.

What’s more, a series of extra features are integrated so that you can simulate a device soft keyboard or screen gesture as well as connect to a Wi-Fi network. Taking screenshots, turning your handset on or off as well as checking device info should raise no difficulty either, as is the case of recording your screen.

There are various goodies for advanced users too, and an APK Editor, ADB Backup Extractor, and a Build Prop Editor are among them.

Comprehensive and coherent application

On an ending note, Android Tools is a capable software utility that should meet the expectations of users who want to be in full control of their Android handset, what with its rich set of features allowing them to seamlessly interact with their device. Considering that as well as the fact that the program proved responsive during our tests and its GUI is nicely put-together, we believe the tool is a capable competitor in its niche.


  • Basic ADB Commands (Shell Console, Push/Pull File, etc)
  • Basic Fastboot Commands (Flash Recovery, Data ,System , etc)
  • Application Tools (Install/Uninstall, Backup/Restore, Clear Data, Force Close/Start)
  • Build.prop Editor (In built Tweaks, Save it directly to your /system/)
  • Screenshoot directly to PC
  • Screen Recording directly to PC
  • View Device Informations (Memory Info, Power Info, etc)
  • Simulating Device Soft Keyboard
  • Simulating Device Screen Gesture
  • Change Preffered Network
  • Connect over Wi-Fi
  • Apk Editor (Extract, Decompile, Sign, Zipalign, Verify)
  • Android ADB Backup Extractor
  • Package Renamer
  • Application Developer Tools
  • Get Device Name and Battery Capacity in Real Time


X-1212AT.rar – 147.2 MB

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