Portable IRedSoft Batch MMedia Date Changer 2.19



Batch MMedia Date Changer Portable (Formerly Known as Batch JPEG Date Changer) is a batch tool which saves you from those situations when you find your camera date time setting wrong (particularly during a battery change) or when it is set wrongly and finding all your photos with the wrong day or year. Conventional applications can change all the files to the same date and time but that’s not good for photos which are taken at different times. Batch MMedia Date Changer Portable is here to solve that and relief you from that headache.

It not only works on the File Creation and Modification Date, it will change the EXIF Date and time which is embedded in the photos itself. You can determine if you want to change the date or time or both by setting a fixed date or time or using the Date Maths method by adding or subtracting time and date from the files. It can help you sync all the File Creation Date, Modification Date and EXIF Date too.
Batch MMedia Date Changer Portable handles JPEG, Adobe RAW (DNG), Canon RAW (CR2), Fujifilm RAW (RAF), Nikon RAW (NEF), Olympus RAW (ORF), Panasonic RAW (RW2), Pentax RAW (PEF), PNG, TIFF, AVI, MTS, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, MP4 and MOV Formats.

There are applications out there which let you batch change all the file dates to a single date time which would not make much sense. Moreover, those only change the creation and modification date but the Digitized Date and Time in the EXIF header remains unchanged. The EXIF Date is important when uploading to the web especially one of the many cloud based photo storage services.

This application let you change the date and time different ways.
1) You can set all dates and times to be the same (if you want) or just change the date and leave the time as they are.
2) You can also use the Date Maths feature which lets you Add or Subtract Days, Months, Years, Hours, Minutes and/or Seconds from the current photo dates.
3) You can sync all the dates to either the Creation, Modification or EXIF Date.
4) Using the Incremental Date Change Settings, you can set the first date and time to use and all the subsequent files’ dates and times will increment from there using a fixed interval which you can set via seconds or minutes.
5) You can also change each photo date and time individually.

Here are the key features of this software:

  1. Flexible Date and Time Adjustments:
    • You can set all dates and times to be the same (if desired) or selectively change the date while leaving the time unchanged.
    • Utilize the Date Maths feature to add or subtract days, months, years, hours, minutes, and/or seconds from the current photo dates.
  2. Sync Dates to Different Timestamps:
    • Choose to sync all the dates to either the creation date, modification date, or the EXIF date (important for web uploads and cloud-based photo storage services).
  3. Incremental Date Changes:
    • Set the initial date and time, and subsequent files’ dates and times will increment from there using a fixed interval (specified in seconds or minutes).
  4. Individual Photo Date and Time Editing:
    • Change each photo’s date and time individually based on your specific requirements.
  5. Two-Step Process for Safety:
    • Batch MMedia Date Changer ensures a two-step process:
      • First, review the proposed changes to the dates before applying them.
      • Once satisfied, click the “Change Now” button to update the file creation, modification dates, and the Date and Time within the EXIF meta header.
  6. Additional Options:
    • Tag file dates (creation, modification, or EXIF date) to the existing filename.
    • Add static text to filenames or modify existing filenames.

Four Easy Steps to Using Batch MMedia Date Changer Portable:

  1. Load the List:
    • Add files using the “Load Files,” “Load Folders,” or drag-and-drop methods.
  2. Make Necessary Date Changes:
    • Adjust dates and times as needed.
  3. Review Changes:
    • Verify the proposed modifications.
  4. Apply Changes:
    • Click “Change Now” to update the dates and times without altering the images themselves.



Download Batch MMedia Date Changer Portable

Uploadrar – 22.7 MB
RapidGator – 22.7 MB

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