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Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable is a cutting-edge software designed to optimize and enhance the performance of your computer system. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, this portable software offers an efficient solution to boost the speed, stability, and overall functionality of your PC.

One of the standout features of Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable is its ability to perform a deep system scan. By thoroughly analyzing your system, it identifies and eliminates any potential issues that may be slowing down your computer. From unnecessary files and registry errors to invalid entries and fragmented data, BoostSpeed Portable addresses these problems with surgical precision, resulting in a significantly faster and smoother computing experience.

This software boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both novice and advanced users. Its seamless navigation allows for effortless access to its wide range of optimization tools. Whether you’re looking to clean up your hard drive, disable unnecessary startup programs, or tweak your internet settings, BoostSpeed Portable has got you covered.

Disk cleanup is a vital aspect of computer maintenance, and Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable excels in this area. With its powerful disk cleaner, this software efficiently removes junk files, temporary data, and system cache, freeing up valuable disk space. By doing so, it not only enhances the overall system performance but also prevents potential disk errors and crashes.

Moreover, BoostSpeed Portable offers a comprehensive registry cleaner that scans and repairs any registry errors. Invalid entries, broken links, and corrupted keys are meticulously identified and resolved, resulting in a more stable and error-free system. This feature significantly reduces the chances of system crashes and error messages, ensuring a hassle-free computing experience.

In addition to optimizing your PC’s performance, Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable also prioritizes your privacy and security. Its privacy protection feature erases traces of your online activities, such as browser history, cookies, and temporary files. This not only safeguards your personal information but also improves your online browsing speed.

Furthermore, this software includes a powerful file shredder that permanently deletes sensitive files, leaving no trace behind. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to disposing of confidential data, ensuring that it cannot be recovered by any means.

Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable also offers a range of advanced tools for fine-tuning your system. Its startup manager allows you to control which programs launch at system startup, reducing the boot time and improving overall performance. The software also includes a disk defragmentation tool, which rearranges fragmented data on your hard drive, resulting in faster file access and reduced load times.

To cater to the needs of gamers, BoostSpeed Portable provides a specialized tool called Game Boost. By temporarily shutting down unnecessary background processes, this feature maximizes system resources, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. Gamers can now enjoy their favorite games without any lags or interruptions.

With its built-in internet optimizer, Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable takes care of your online experience as well. By fine-tuning your internet settings, this software enhances the speed and stability of your internet connection. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or downloading files, BoostSpeed Portable ensures a seamless and uninterrupted online experience.

In conclusion, Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable is a comprehensive and feature-rich software that optimizes and enhances the performance of your computer system. Its powerful tools and intuitive interface make it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. From deep system scans and disk cleanup to advanced tweaking and privacy protection, BoostSpeed Portable offers a one-stop solution for all your optimization needs. Experience a faster, more stable, and highly efficient computer system with Auslogics BoostSpeed Portable.

Diagnoses your Windows system

BoostSpeed Portable runs a complete checkup of your entire system locating junk files, speed-reducing issues and causes of any system or application glitches or crashes. Through a lot of research and testing, we have worked out precise techniques that allow locating issues, which can be safely removed with no risk of damaging your operating system.

Cleans out junk files

We designed the cleaning module in BoostSpeed to sweep out all types of PC junk, such as unneeded system and user temporary files, web browser cache, unused error logs, leftover Windows Update files, temporary Sun Java files, unneeded Microsoft Office cache and a lot more. It helps reclaim gigabytes of hard disk space on an average PC.

Restores system stability

Like an experienced surgeon, BoostSpeed Portable employs precision tools to carefully remove corrupt keys and invalid entries from the Windows registry taking care not to damage anything vital. We have tested our software ensuring that it repairs the causes of most glitches and crashes to restore smooth and stable performance with no side effects.

Improves computer speed

BoostSpeed tweaks non-optimal system settings to help most processes and operations go at a faster pace. It adjusts internet connection settings to ensure smooth browsing, faster downloads and better audio/video call quality. We want you to have a great PC experience, so we included tools to speed up every aspect of your PC’s operation.

Protects your privacy

Most of us are concerned about personal information getting into the wrong hands. When you enter passwords or credit card details, this data is saved on your hard drive, invisible to you, but easy prey for a skilled hacker. We included privacy tools that help eliminate traces of your activity and safeguard your sensitive personal information.

Automates system maintenance

With BoostSpeed Portable you can schedule automatic maintenance that detects and eliminates issues in real time protecting your performance and keeping your PC running at top speed. Knowing how busy your life can be, we created this functionality so you can set it once and have your PC auto-cleaned and accelerated on a convenient schedule.

Guards smooth performance

To boost the effect you get from complete optimization, we have added automatic memory and processor management, which ensures that your active applications always have maximum resources allocated to them. This protects smooth and fast performance in real time and lets you have a consistently great computer experience every day.

What’s NEW:

  • Enhanced algorithms related to protecting user privacy
  • Improved scan algorithms for better efficiency
  • Fixed a minor bug



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