Portable Browser History Examiner 1.9.0




Browser History Examiner is a forensic software tool for capturing, extracting and analysing internet history from the main desktop web browsers. Many types of data can be analysed including website visits, searches, downloads and cached files.

Website Activity Timeline
Website visits are displayed alongside an interactive graph showing how many sites have been visited over a particular time period. This is useful for identifying peaks in internet activity.

Remote Data Capture
Web browser history can be captured from the local computer or a remote Windows computer over a network.

Cached Image Viewer
Images stored in the browser cache can be easily viewed in the thumbnail gallery or at their original size using the built-in image viewer.

Search History Parser
Search history is automatically extracted from multiple sources for popular sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and eBay.

URL Category Database
The built-in URL category database can be used to easily filter records down to those which may be classed as Adult or known Malicious websites.

Dynamic Reporting and Data Export
Reports can be built dynamically and saved to PDF or HTML. Records can be exported to XLSX, CSV, HTML, XML or Concordance Load File.

Advanced Filtering
Data can be analysed using a variety of filters such as keywords, URL and date/time range. It is also possible to search the text content of cached HTML and JSON.

Recover Deleted History
Deleted web browser history can be recovered from System Restore points using the data capture feature.

Cached Web Page Viewer
Web pages stored in the browser cache are automatically reconstructed, allowing them to be easily viewed in the state that they were originally seen by a user.

Email Address Parser
Email addresses are automatically extracted from multiple sources including Saved Logins, Form History, Website Visits, Session Data, Cache Records and Favicons.

SON Viewer
The built-in JSON Viewer allows for easy examination of JSON data stored within the browser cache. External JSON files can also be loaded into the viewer.

Time Zone and DST Configuration
Timestamps can be converted to any time zone and custom daylight saving rules can be applied.

Whats New:
Website history summary view
Search history word cloud
Excel export


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