Portable CloneApp v2.15.606 + Plugins




CloneApp Portable is a backup tool that is designed to back up a variety of program configuration files as well as application settings that stored in the registry. This includes many popular third party programs as well as various Windows options like Account Pictures, Favorites, Saved Games and more.

CloneApp currently supports several dozen popular software products (commercial and free) and support for additional applications will be added in future releases.

In addition to the pre-configured applications, you can also add your own backup configuration by creating custom settings to back up specified registry keys, files and folders.functionalities

CloneApp is designed to streamline and improve the backup process, by providing options for saving registry entries, as well as individual files.

Can create restore points comprised of several items

The resource is highly intuitive and flexible. The main window displays the programs currently installed, as well as quick-links to frequently-accessed folders (e.g. My Documents or My Music).

Having both these options is a nice feature since some backups might target other items than just the installed programs! The interface is very easy to understand and side buttons control all the core functions of the software.

An interesting option is the “Import Plug-in” function. This significantly increases the flexibility of the program, as custom items can be specifically targeted by users. The default plug-in editor is Notepad, but users can change this in the “Options” window.

Customize tasks by adding other items, such as registry keys

A very nice function is the ability to select a particular file or folder. This is performed by using the “Custom” button on the left panel. Registry keys and commands can also be saved to disk.

Storing keys from time to time is important, because the Windows Registry can become cluttered with left-over entries. This can slow down the speed of the computer and can even lead to system crashes. Therefore, having this option makes the program very powerful.

The application generates a log file that details all the performed operations. This facilitates backtracking or simply viewing these tasks. Just as well, this is a great method of keeping archives of past tasks.


Download CloneApp Portable

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