Portable CloneApp v2.00.100




CloneApp is a backup tool that is designed to back up a variety of program configuration files as well as application settings that stored in the registry. This includes many popular third party programs as well as various Windows options like Account Pictures, Favorites, Saved Games and more.

CloneApp currently supports several dozen popular software products (commercial and free) and support for additional applications will be added in future releases.

In addition to the pre-configured applications, you can also add your own backup configuration by creating custom settings to back up specified registry keys, files and folders.functionalities

Latest Version changes: 2.00.100 (compiled at April/10/2018)

  • Complete new ui resign (minimalistic, structured and clean. Works without any graphics and fits to the Windows 10 modern ui)
  • Lean and faster code (40 % faster initialization compared to the first edition of CloneApp, less memory usage)
  • Slimmed .EXE up to 30% (Without .ico file CloneApp weighs 450kb. Some not so poluar features like the Custom apps section where removed for now)
  • New Desktop icon file (clear up to 256×256 px)
  • Several plug-ins have been optimized and cleaned up (these are still downwardly compatible to the first edition of CloneApp)
  • Added theme customizations (based on theme.ini in Data folder of CloneApp)
  • Optimized Windows 10 support (better code and suitable ui)
  • Optimized interal Plug-in editor
  • Optimized Preview/Detection mode
  • Optimized Restoration function
  • Added optiomized German localization file (In addition to the English language file, this is also officially supported.)
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several runtime improvements
  • Several minor spelling optimizations
  • Several minor bug fixes