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With FinalMesh Portable we implemented an incredible easy and powerful way to create 3D PDF documents or WebGL web pages. With clicking on the regular “Save As” button your 3D model will be converted to a complete WebGL HTML application or PDF with 3D content. Apart from that FinalMesh is a great 3D viewer and converter with fast modern UI and has many useful features.

FinalMesh is the ultimate solution for converting and publishing your 3D assets, technical data to PDF, modern WebGL application or another 3D format.

PDF publishing platform integrated into FinalMesh allows to convert sophisticated technical data, 3D models into regular, well known PDF files.
It is easy to select best initial view, render mode, lighting right in PDF Publish mode, all changes are visible right on the screen.
Multiple viewports of the same model are supported, each with it’s own settings.
Everything is easy as Save button, but all extra options, like PDF encryption are just one click away.

Browse and view your 3D files with thumbnails.
View 3D with textures, complex materials.
Inspect internal 3D objects topology, apply or change materials
All this in fast and modern UI.

Powerfull geometry engine
Instancing – whole sub-tree tree or just geometry
Meshes with in memory data compression allows to load huge 3D assets
Procedural primitives including splines, cubes, spheres, texts
Modifiers (deformers) including Booleans, Sub-D, Mirror, Extrude and more

WebGL is an OpenGL inside of browser and this means that it is possible to render 3D triangles on the web page using sophisticated shaders. This is great, but sounds quite complicated already. This is probably true, but thanks to FinalMesh, creating WebGL application is as easy as selecting Save item in File menu.
In result geometry, html, texture and javascript files will be generated. Next file can be uploaded to server and viewed, or you can modify it and provide additional logic for regular part or for 3D part.

Convert 3D content to another 3D format, for instance into STL format for 3D printing.
Render 3D model to image using built-in raytracer.

Bath Processing.

Markups, Measurements
Callouts, Notes
Point coordinates
Linear Dimensions
Radius, Diameter, Angle

Professional Features
Ambient Occlusion
UV Unwrap

What’s NEW:

  • Many new features in animation and animation editor.
  • New Bezier Controller [Animation].
  • Per key interpolation options [Animation].
  • Animation key properties panel [Animation].
  • Before and after interpolation options [Animation].
  • Convert controller from one type to another [Animation].
  • Split point3d controller to 3 separate curves [Animation].
  • Convert rotation controllers between angle axis, quaternion and point 3d types [Animation].
  • Copy/Paste animation keys [Animation].
  • Order independent transparency[WebGL].
  • New Software renderer.
  • Separate OpenGL 4.0 and 1.0 renderers.
  • Images or Symbols can be added to markups.
  • Make Disassembly Animation tool was significantly improved. Now parts and configuration are saved to .fmesh file, so operation may be continued later.
  • Panels for symbols.
  • Callada .dae file now supports UV channels and lightmap.
  • New SVG import plugin.
  • Sketchup – new version is supported.
  • Parts panel has new columns and feature to configure columns visibility.
  • Configuration is now saved to config file instead or registry.
  • Configuration may be saved and restored from file.
  • Many fixes and changes.



Download FinalMesh Portable

Download – 19.1 MB

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