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LibreCAD Portable is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows. Support and documentation is free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers. You, too, can also get involved! LibreCAD Portable is an efficient and useful application that that be used to generate 2D CAD files, providing you with numerous tools and options that you can use. Additionally, you can open existing DXF files, created by other similar utilities, and edit their contents, without any limitations.

LibreCAD Portable’s features

themed icons option
exclusive snap mode (only one mode can be enabled)
custom menu creator
custom toolbar creator
boost version in the About window
links to the contributors page and LICENSE in the About window
copy button in the About window
di for divide
mp for properties
t2 for trim 2
command line focus for keycodes
device option for mouse, trackpad, tablet or touchscreen
open the file dialog allowing for the last chosen file type
options menu
plugins menu
keycode mode
commands are shown in the command history when selected in a widget
option to start the app maximized
option to hide cursor when snapping
option to change statusbar height
hotkey to reload the stylesheet
option to load a user defined stylesheet
automatic titlebar orientation for the command line
option to load preset style (tip: fusion is cross-platform)
actions to toggle the visibility of dock areas
alphabetical sorting on toolbars and dockwidgets
holding shift in the default selection mode creates a deselection window
square snap indicator shape
options to set snap indicator lines and shape
option to exclude scrollbars
accept command line input with XButton1
option to start in tab mode
movable tabs
option to change the snap indicator’s color
action history context menu when right clicking in the drawing area
new context menu when right clicking on toolbars and dockwidgets
order toolbar
context menu entry to clear command history
action to toggle fullscreen mode
option to enable antialiasing
left sidebar (tool dockwidgets)
options to clear settings (restore defaults)
custom toolbar that allows users to add the last triggered action
open your browser and our wiki from the help menu
individual toolbars
categories toolbar
option to change icon size
spiderweb snap indicator



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