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Mp3tag Portable is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common audio formats where it supports ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags. It can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words in tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists and more. Mp3tag supports online database lookups from, e.g., Amazon, discogs, or freedb, allowing you to automatically gather proper tags and cover art for your music library.

If you have a really large music collection, you sure know how important it really is to keep everything organized, no matter if we’re thinking about the audio files as such or the tags that carry vital information about the music tracks.

In case you still struggle to work with those sound labels, it’s probably high time to give Mp3tag Portable a shot. Just like its name suggests, this is a software solution designed to assist you in your efforts to organize your music collection, so editing tags and filenames is its main purpose.

Mp3tag works with the most common formats, such as AAC, FLAC, APE, MP3, MP4, OGG, WMA and TTA, and has the ability to edit multiple ID3v1.1, ID3v2, APEv2 Tags and Vorbis at the same time.

Editing multiple files at the same time is as easy as pie, so you just have to select them using your mouse, in the same way, you do in Windows Explorer, then use the adjacent fields in the left side of the main windows to edit the details.

You thus have the option to change title, artist, album, genre or comments with a single click, for multiple files at once. But that’s not all. Mp3tag can also use those information labels to change filenames and vice-versa, which is quite handy if you wish to keep things organized in your collection.

Last but not least, the program has the option to search online for information in order to change tags and filenames, and as far as we’re concerned, it does the whole thing without one glitch

All in all, Mp3tag Portable is one of the best tools of its kind and unless you’re looking for an app that also has an audio player, this one should be one of the first choices.

Mp3tag  Portable supports the following audio formats:

  • Advanced Audio Coding (aac)
  • Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac)
  • Monkey’s Audio (ape)
  • Mpeg Layer 3 (mp3)
  • MPEG-4 (mp4 / m4a / m4b / iTunes compatible)
  • Musepack (mpc)
  • Ogg Vorbis (ogg)
  • OptimFROG (ofr)
  • OptimFROG DualStream (ofs)
  • Speex (spx)
  • Tom’s Audio Kompressor (tak)
  • True Audio (tta)
  • Windows Media Audio (wma)
  • WavPack (wv)


What’s NEW in Mp3tag Portable:


  • Replace action now uses more characters to detect word boundaries if match as whole word is enabled.
  • Optimized performance of local freedb index creation.
  • Added option to retry write to file operations from file list if file is being used by another application.
  • Added option to retry write to file operations if file is being used by another app
  • Web sources commands `debug` and `debugwriteinput` now use app data directory as base if output filename has relative path.
  • Moved MP4-related optimization functions to Utils submenu in right-click context menu.
  • Added link to privacy policy from help menu as now required by Microsoft Store guidelines.


  • Save configuration did not include *.inc files from tag sources directory.
  • Multi-field search for tag sources did not expand search placeholder `%s` in URLs anymore.
  • Multi-field search for album-only tag sources used encoding on whole parameter fragment when building URLs.
  • Possible runtime error when editing files via the file list while files were
  • Loading.
  • Filtered file list was not refreshed in some cases when files were added via drag and drop.
  • List column width was not automatically adjusted when resizing action and export dialogs.
  • Saving MP4 with existing QuickTime chapters used global title instead of chapter names when creating Nero chapters. local freedb index database was deleted right after creation in some cases.
  • Populating the context menu and setting the context-menu item texts was off in some cases
  • FIX: track length for Matroska files with chapters was length of first chapter also if listing of chapters as separate files was disabled.
  • ITunes Soundcheck data produced by $rg2sc() was not detected for MP3 ID3v2 anymore.
  • Possible memory issue when handling Apple QuickTime chapter information.
  • Web sources command `gotoline` failed if target line was empty.
  • Navigation via tab was not possible at extended tags dialog if previous or next buttons reached the end and got disabled.


  • Added support for WebM Container *.webm files.
  • Added support for WebM Container *.webm for Explorer context menu shell extension
  • Added support for `*.jfif` image file extension when adding cover art.
  • Added ‘Adjust cover’ to resize cover art via cover context menu.
  • Added link to privacy policy from help menu as now required by Microsoft Store guidelines.


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