O&O BlueCon Tech Edition 20.0.10077 WinPE (x64)



O&O BlueCon  is the disaster recovery software when a PC or server no longer starts. It provides a collection of strong tools for users, administrators, and service technicians consequently damaged Windows systems can be made operational again without any prior installation. The Windows based user interface makes it so easy to use O&O BlueCon that less time is needed for training. O&O BlueCon is at an administrator’s side during the course of a daily routine as well as whenever disaster strikes.

O&O BlueCon starts all programs directly from a bootable medium (CD/DVD or USB stick). And can so avoid the risk of data loss caused by overwriting data on the computer, which might be the case with a new installation. Seamless integration of all components saves the user the time-consuming job of collecting individual programs.

O&O BlueCon  Benefits:
NEW: Creation of a PXE Boot Medium direct from the Boot Assistant
NEW: Bitlocker drives can be unlocked and accessed
NEW: Scripting over Windows 10 networks
Restoring accidentally deleted data
Backing up and restoring data
Driver problems and service issues
Secure deletion of data volumes
Resetting passwords
Partitioning hard disks
Combat errors in the registry database
Advanced error detection – EventViewer and CheckDisk
Locating and removing data
Downloading additional tools: Integrated web browser
Support too for Hyper-V

Start directly from bootable medium

All O&O BlueCon programs and features can be run directly from the O&O BlueCon bootable medium without any installation. Even if Windows is defective or no longer able to start. The integrated tools are extremely easy to use and require little time for learning how to use them.

NEW: O&O Check & Repair Function

The most important innovation in O&O BlueCon 20 is the integration of O&O Check & Repair, a tool to search for why a system no longer starts. In the first step “Check”, the system files and components are checked for missing or damaged files and/or registration key. “Repair” then tries to automatically correct these errors. If this step is not successful, the current version 20 of O&O BlueCon offers further information, including the log files.

NEW: Simplified UI and Boot Environment

The creation of the bootable rescue medium was completely revised in O&O BlueCon 20 and simplified again. With just a few clicks, the start medium is created and ready for use. New in O&O BlueCon is the integration into a separate rescue environment, so that the primary recovery environment can continue to exist without changes. Integrated drivers can also be used.

Compatibility with Windows Deployment Service (PXE boot server)

Thanks to the integrated support of the Windows Deployment Service (PXE boot server), the O&O BlueCon functionalities can be executed via the network, for example by launching O&O BlueCon on a computer on which it is not installed. There is no need to create physical media as the PXE media can be stored centrally. If required, they can be activated on the PXE boot server. This eliminates the need to connect a physical medium to the affected computer. The PXE server required to do this (Windows Deployment Service) is available in a Microsoft Domain or can be installed.

Access a computer without an Admin Password

The O&O BlueCon UserManager gives you access to all registered users. You can, for example, change forgotten passwords in just a few clicks so that a user can quickly login with a new password. O&O BlueCon supports Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016.

Application scenarios:

  • Defective driver installation after changing hardware causes blue screen
  • Windows fails to start for no explainable reason
  • Defective Windows updates
  • User has forgotten his Windows password
  • Files without backups are accidentally deleted
  • Malicious code has damaged the system
  • Data needs to be permanently deleted from the hard disk

Daily solutions:

  • Resolve problems with drivers and services
  • Search for errors and check drives
  • Resolve Windows errors and restore systems
  • Manage users and reset forgotten passwords
  • Secure data deletion before computer disposal or transfer
  • Recover files that were accidentally deleted
  • Search for, copy, and reposition data
  • Reload driver even before program start
  • Download additional tools: Integrated web browser
  • Two editions: Admin and Tech Editions.
  • The Admin Edition is person-bound, i.e. it is licensed per administrator and can be applied to all computers in the company.
  • The Admin Edition Plus also contains O&O DiskImage for backing up and restoring data.
  • The Tech Edition allows the user to provide a data recovery service to clients. It is licensed per technician, i.e. it allows a technician to work on any number
  • of different computers.
  • The Tech Edition Plus also contains O&O DiskImage for backing up and restoring data.


The Tech Edition allows the user to provide a data recovery service to clients. It is licensed per technician, i.e. it allows a technician to work on any number of different computers.

New in Version 20:

  • “O&O Check & Repair”: Now with CheckDisk, Component Check
    and System File Check!
  • One-Click Creation of Boot Medium – now much easier and faster to get started
  • Integration into running systems revised – O&O BlueCon is now integrated into a separate Boot environment
  • Automatic download of all host Drivers
  • New versions of integrated Products: O&O DiskImage 18 and O&O SafeErase 17




Download O&O BlueCon WinPE

Download – 786.3 MB

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