Portable Jsoft PDF Reducer 2.3




Modify and compress PDF files in order to save space or to facilitate the transfer on different environments,with the help of this intuitive app Jsoft PDF Reducer. Compressing PDF files is not a process that should take up too much time or be too complicated. There a myriad of programs that can perform this type of process, but in this particular case, the attention is focused on a specific one, Jsoft PDF Reducer Portable.

Clean and modern interface
The GUI is very presentable, colorful and clean. It supports the drag&drop function, and it’s based on a step-by-step process, so no specific skills are necessary for successful use.

Complex PDF manager
The main capability of this app, as the name suggests, is PDF files compression. Furthermore, PDF Reducer is also able to merge and split PDFs. You can also rearrange, delete pages, add or erase text. Finally, you can secure your PDFs: Watermark, password and electronic signature!.

Thanks to its intuitive system, you are guided step by step without needing high-end skills. Also, this tool is quick and allows everyone to optimize his PDF files with simplicity.

Can split and delete PDF
Splitting allows you to split a file into a specified number of pages or by maximum size of each file. The size limit is ideal for creating multiple files for e-mail. You can also remove any page from a PDF. Just select the edit option, and PDF Reducer will disassemble each page.

Offers multiple protection ways
The simplest protection against copyright is watermarking; this feature helps you protect yourself against identity theft. If you send or print documents containing personal information. Another method is adding a password, in case you want to be the only one able to open or edit a PDF file.

One of the stronger methods is the electronic signature, which makes it possible to guarantee the integrity of a PDF and to authenticate the author. The application of an electronic signature is also very simple.

Handy and intuitive PDF compressor
In conclusion, PDF Reducer is an excellent choice regarding PDF file management. It has a sophisticated base of actions which are covering most of the processes needed for transforming or protecting a PDF file.


X-23JPDFR.rar – 36.7 MB

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