Portable RawDigger (x64)




RawDigger Portableis a tool to visualize and examine pure raw data as the camera has recorded it. In essence, it is a microscope of sorts that lets you drill down into raw data. RawDigger doesn’t alter the raw data in any way. RawDigger is not a raw convertor. Instead, it allows you to see the data that will be used by raw convertors.

Some unique RawDigger features:
• RawDigger displays the real histogram of the raw data, which greatly differs from the in-camera histogram and histograms presented by most of the raw converters.
• Overexposure (OE) indicator will show you exactly what areas of the shot are blown out and in which color channel(s) it happened (best if used in channel view).
• RawDigger allows determining how exposure meter is calibrated and what raw level corresponds to the midpoint of in-camera histogram. That is, RawDigger lets you establish the headroom in highlights and obtain optimal exposures.
• For ETTR practitioners, RawDigger makes it very simple to compare raw histogram to in-camera histogram and account for the difference, making the exposures as much “to the right” as possible.
• RawDigger helps determining the raw level at which the overexposure “blinkies” start on the camera LCD and to know how much headroom is still available after the blinkies start showing.
• If the shadows look blotchy, colorless, or details in shadows are poorly resolved you will be able to determine how much they are underexposed and set Underexposure (UE) indicator in RawDigger accordingly.
• RawDigger is a useful tool for examining how the relative per-channel underexposure depends on the color of light.
• RawDigger is more precise than any exposure meter for the purpose of evaluation of the uniformity of fill light and reproduction light setups (in terms of the evenness of both color balance and luminosity across the background).
• For studio photography RawDigger helps establishing the proper light filtration to achieve the cleanest possible shadows on the shots.
• Landscape photographers may want to use RawDigger to determine the effect of the filters on the lens, to check neutrality of polarizing and neutral density filters and, possibly, to select color correction and color compensation filters to use in different light.
• RawDigger can be used to check the amount of vignetting caused by the lens and the sensor.
• RawDigger helps determine the idiosyncrasies of both camera and raw convertor by providing a true view into the raw data and comparing it to the results obtained through raw conversion.

What’s NEW:

Camera support:

  • Canon EOS M200
  • Nikon Z50
  • Panasonic S1H
  • Sony A9-II

New features:

  • Grid save/load
  • CSV data export: additional fields (Camera vendor/model, ISO, shutter, exposure)
  • File natural sort order for next/prev files (and in file dialogs)
  • GUI toolkit used updated to Qt 5.12
  • Optional OpenGL-based bitmap drawing (may be faster on old CPU/modern GPU combo)
  • 16-bit TIFF RGB-rendered data export (64-bit RawDigger builds only)
  • RGB rendering export: ability embed color profile in the output TIF (3-channel TIFFs only)
  • Exiftool updated to version 11.84
  • Fixed incomplete low-sensitivity pixel processing on Sigma SD Quattro half-res files


X-140668RDx64.rar – 33.0 MB