Portable Aircopy 3.10




Do you want to import photos to computer wirelessly without an annoying cable, and download photos from iPhone/Android in high speed and enjoy almost instant file transfer? AirCopy Portable is the tool you need. It is only a small download on your Windows computer. You do not need to install new apps on your iPhone, as well as no mobile data usage, no troublesome Bluetooth pairing. File transfer is in local network WiFi.

AirCopy Portable allows you to transfer photos and videos from iPhone/Android to a Windows computer wirelessly and bypass the any cables. It utilizes the high-speed WiFi networks. As long as your phone and computer are in the same LAN (local area network), the file transfer between Phone and PC is possible. AirCopy uses the Wifi network instead of Bluetooth, which make it fast and stable, and no Bluetooth pairing is required.


Using Wi-Fi – No cable connection between phone and PC

No App download on phone, no Bluetooth pairing

Your data does not leave your local network, no mobile data usage

Almost instant file transfer between phone and PC

Easy 3 Steps:

Step 1: Scan the QR Code on your Phone
Run AirCopy software on your PC, then use your phone’s camera or QR Code scanner app to scan the QR code showing on the AirCopy software.

Step 2: Select Files to Transfer from Phone
Select files on your Phone. It supports pictures, videos, documents and other file types.

Step 3: Files are Transferred to PC Instantly
Files you selected on your phone will be transferred to your PC almost instantly. You may view, edit or use the files on your PC.


Uploadrar – 6.5 MB
Hexupload – 6.5 MB

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