Memtest86 Pro 9.2.2000 (USB)




Memtest86 is considered by the majority of the hardware testing community the number one application when it comes to defective RAM sticks. The answer to the question regarding the working state of the installed memory modules comes fast with Memtest86 and that is what matters the most besides the certainty of the verdict.

There are many good approaches for testing memory. However, many tests simply throw some patterns at memory without much thought or knowledge of memory architecture or how errors can best be detected. This works fine for hard memory failures but does little to find intermittent errors. BIOS based memory tests are useless for finding intermittent memory errors.

RAM chips consist of a large array of tightly packed memory cells, one for each bit of data. The vast majority of the intermittent failures are a result of interaction between these memory cells. Often writing a memory cell can cause one of the adjacent cells to be written with the same data. An effective memory test attempts to test for this condition. Therefore, an ideal strategy for testing memory would be the following:

  • Write a cell with a zero.
  • Write all of the adjacent cells with a one, one or more times.
  • Check that the first cell still has a zero.

It should be obvious that this strategy requires an exact knowledge of how the memory cells are laid out on the chip. In addition there are a never ending number of possible chip layouts for different chip types and manufacturers making this strategy impractical. However, there are testing algorithms that can approximate this ideal and MemTest86 does just this.

The standard for memory diagnostics
– Boots from a USB flash drive to test the RAM in your computer for faults.
– Utilizing algorithms that have been in development for over 20 years.

Unreliable RAM can cause a multitude of problems. Corrupted data, crashes and unexplained behaviour.
Bad RAM is one of the most frustrating computer problems to have as symptoms are often random and hard to pin down. MemTest86 can help diagnose faulty RAM (or rule it out as a cause of system instability). As such it is often used by system builders, PC repair stores, overlockers & PC manufacturers.

PassMark MemTest86 supports all current technologies:
– 13 different RAM testing algorithms – including row hammer fault detection*
– All RAM types supported (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, SODIMM, XMP, ECC)
– Self-booting off USB or Network (PXE)* boot, without needing DOS, Linux nor Windows
– Optimized for UEFI-based x86/ARM systems
– Native 64-bit code (since version 5)
– ECC error detection & injection*
– Secure Boot verified – Code signed by Microsoft
– Graphical interface with mouse input
– Save logs and create customizable HTML reports
– Full test automation via configuration file
– Support for memory blacklisting in Windows (badmemorylist) and Linux (BADRAM)
– Multi-language support (Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish & more)

MemTest86 Features:

The new graphical standard for BIOS

Network (PXE) boot
Scalable, disk-less provisioning from a PXE server

Reports / Logs
Save results to disk

Self-booting USB
No O/S required

All RAM types supported

Foreign language support
Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese & more

Graphical interface
And mouse support

13 algorithms
Including SIMD and row hammer tests

Secure boot signed
Code integrity verified by Microsoft

What’s NEW:


  • Added large PASS/FAIL block text to top-right corner of HTML report
  • Added visual representation of bit error mask to HTML report
  • Fixed missing timestamp for ECC errors in HTML report
  • Fixed incorrect version string indicating “V9.1” instead of “V9.2”



Download Memtest86 Pro

Download – 10.0 MB

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