Portable Spybot Identity Monitor 3.0




Spybot Identity Monitor allows on the spot checking if any of your emails and usernames have been included in a breach.This tool is presented in an interface almost identical to that of Spybot Anti-Beacon and is just as simple to use. You are given a way to enter email addresses and usernames, and almost immediately after entering them, it combs through multiple services and accounts to obtain details on what you have entered. Most of the documentation is gathered through Have I Been Pwned. It also lists the most recent known breach. We tested it out on several addresses and usernames that we already knew were included in minor breaches and it did indeed flag them. It lists out the service involved, domain, breach date, as well as what data was accessed if available.

Now, of course, you can go straight to Have I Been Pwned to search, but this offers a way to do them all at once as well as keeping an eye out for any new data popping up in a breach. Any info entered remains in the app, and every time you launch Spybot Identity Monitor up, it will check it. It also provides you with helpful hints on what to do if your data has been found in a breach. This tool is an easy-to-setup security tool that will be of use to anyone wanting to keep track of basic personal data for free.