Portable SYSInfo Monitor 1.3.2



SYSInfoMonitor Portable is an open-source System Information Monitor with modern user interface that can be used to monitor hardware and software information of a PC. This software can monitor the temperature sensors, clock speeds, load, graphics, memory, printers, baseboard and more of your computer.

The SYSInfoMonitor can read information from devices such as:

  • Motherboards
  • Processor Informations
  • All graphics cards available
  • Audio devices
  • Printers available
  • BIOS information
  • HDD, SSD and NVMe or any storage drives
  • Network Interface cards

Provides minute details about your hardware
After a swift and uneventful installation, you are welcome by a modern interface similar to a dashboard for quick access. While on the left, you can preview the current users, you can learn more about the components and general software by accessing the options on the right.

The utility provides detailed information about the CPU, graphic card and storage media. For instance, for the CPU, the app displays the full name, device ID, manufacturer, current clock speed, caption, number of cores and the corresponding temperatures, number of logical processors, architectures, address width and process type. The data can be copied to clipboard or saved as TXT or CSV.

Allows for a basic system diagnostic
The utility comes with a system diagnostic feature that targets the CPU, RAM and storage. Despite the name, the app does not highlight various problems with the aforementioned elements, but rather it shows different aspects that can help advanced users investigate a potential issue further. For example, the app displays the total, used and available RAM and based on the numbers, you may want to determine what is hogging it.

Other information that you can learn about your system via this tool includes printers, motherboard, BIOS, network, audio device and the operating system. Take note that the app just provides the info and cannot help you make any modifications.

A handy system information utility
All in all, SYSInfo Monitor is a straightforward program that can gather and display details about your computer without too much hassle.

What’s NEW:

  • Some changes in Thermal Information
  • Fixed some performance issues in Processor Information window
  • Added support for current windows User Profile Picture


Download SYSInfo Monitor Portable

Download – 1.7 MB

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