Portable Vegas Image (x64)




VEGAS Image Portable is a raw image compositor. It uses layer-based compositing to combine images in 16-bit color space. When using raw images, it accesses the full range of raw color data, providing the highest quality in the industry. And by using the GPU for the heavy lifting, performance is still astonishingly fast, even on high resolution images.

VEGAS Image Portable provides a full toolkit to create composite images for a range of applications, including:

  • Event photography: Easily and quickly batch process large quantities of images shot using the same setup, by applying the same settings to all images automatically.
  • Studio photography: Full control over the individual images in your composite allow you to carefully construct realistic results that cannot be shot practically.
  • Advertising campaigns: Batch processing includes controls for easily creating consistency in layout across multiple exported images in different sizes and aspect ratios. Easily add text and other graphics to your composites using the built-in tools.
  • Catalogs: Green screen photography makes it simple to replace backdrops behind your models or products, to add imagery that enhances the products being sold.
  • and much more.

Batch and workflow features:

Layer content: A fundamental feature of the VEGAS Image Portable workflow is that layers exist as containers, and each layer can contain multiple images. So when working with a batch of images, you can set up a single layer the way you want, and import the entire batch of images into it. Multiple layers can be used to set up different elements, or to process groups of images from the batch using different settings.

Custom export list: In addition to easily auto-exporting all images in your project, you can easily set up custom export lists, to only export specific images, or specific variations of the layers stored in the project.

Content variations: Creating variations of images based on layer content is also possible. For example, you may have one layer for your background, which contains three different background images. A second layer might contain 5 foreground images. It is a simple process to export each foreground three times, once with each background, for a total of 15 image variations. Those numbers aren’t limitations, each layer could contain one image or hundreds.


Built-in Keying

Place your images in front of a completely new scenery! The keying tools contained in VEGAS Image help replace any background cleanly and precisely – as easy as ABC.

Automatic Chroma Key

Need to remove a green screen or other background? Automatic Chroma Key takes care of it quickly and easily, doing all the hard work for you. Never spend hours erasing fine hairs or other elements again!

Luminance Key

A powerful, instant tool for removing backgrounds based on luminance – perfect for removing black backgrounds from stock footage fire, where some of the image needs to be semi-transparent.

Light Wrap

Bend your backgrounds around your keyed elements for an even more seamless integration in your composite effects. Light Wrap creates a very natural keying effect for much more convincing keying.

Spill Suppression

Neutralize and remove unwanted green screen spill and get much more natural, cleaner keys for better compositing. Pull great keys from footage you didn’t think was useable.

Edge Softening

Take the hard edges off your keyed elements. Combined with Spill Suppression and Light Wrap, get fantastic, natural keys that no one will ever know is really a composite.

Filters & Effects

VEGAS Image includes 38 powerful filters that give you all you need to create the perfect mood for your videos or to rescue images. Easily adjust the color, sharpen details or remove fog.

Multiple image effects

Quickly apply different effects like Vibrance, Dehaze, Sharpen, Exposure, Shadows & Highlights, and the new Light rays. Use them either to repair the image or highlighting it.



Download Vegas Image Portable

Download – 76.8 MB

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