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ViewCompanion Portable is the most powerful member of the ViewCompanion family. ViewCompanion Premium can view, print and convert PLT plot files, Adobe PDF, Autodesk DWF, Postscript, CGM, TIFF, CALS and many other formats. ViewCompanion Premium support PLT plotter files using HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL and Calcomp formats.

ViewCompanion Portable is a powerful software tool designed for users who need to work with various types of files in their daily workflow. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it an excellent choice for professionals working in industries such as engineering, architecture, and manufacturing.

At its core, ViewCompanion Portable is a viewer, converter, and editor for CAD and other technical drawing file formats, including DXF, DWG, DGN, PDF, PLT, HPGL/2, and many others. This means that users can open, view, and edit files created by different software programs without the need for those programs themselves. The software’s ability to convert files from one format to another makes it easy to share files with colleagues or clients who may not have the same software installed on their systems.

With ViewCompanion Portable, users can also add markups, annotations, and measurements to their drawings. These tools enable users to highlight specific areas of a drawing, add comments, and indicate dimensions, making it easier to collaborate with others and convey important information. The software also supports layer management, which allows users to turn layers on and off and control their visibility, making it easier to work with complex drawings.

One of the standout features of ViewCompanion Premium is its batch processing capabilities. Users can select multiple files and apply the same changes to all of them at once, saving time and increasing productivity. This feature is especially useful for tasks such as converting files from one format to another or adding watermarks to a large number of drawings.

Another key feature of ViewCompanion Premium is its ability to print large-format drawings on standard printers. The software automatically tiles the drawing into smaller sections that fit within the printer’s paper size limitations, allowing users to print out large drawings without the need for expensive plotter equipment.

ViewCompanion Premium also includes a range of advanced features for more experienced users. For example, users can create macros to automate repetitive tasks, customize keyboard shortcuts for quick access to frequently used commands, and even write scripts using the software’s built-in scripting language.

In terms of user interface, ViewCompanion Premium is well-designed and intuitive. The program’s main window features a ribbon-style toolbar with all of the most commonly used tools and commands, making it easy for new users to get started. The software also includes helpful tooltips and context-sensitive menus that provide additional information and guidance.

Overall, ViewCompanion Portable is an excellent choice for professionals who need to work with technical drawings on a regular basis. Its comprehensive feature set, batch processing capabilities, and large-format printing support make it a versatile tool for a variety of industries. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a great option for both novice and experienced users alike.

If you need to distribute drawings, e.g. on the Internet, you can convert your drawings to Autodesk Drawing Web Format (DWF), Scalable

  • Vector Graphics (SVG) or Adobe PDF. All these formats are very popular for distributing drawings.
  • You can convert multiple files of different formats to a single multi-page PDF, DWF or TIFF file.
  • ViewCompanion can split a multi-page PDF, PDF or DWF files into several single paged files.

Your PLT, PDF, CGM and DWF files can be converted to Autodesk DXF format, which can be read by almost all CAD application, e.g.: Autodesk AutoCAD and Microstation.

File types you can take advantage of

This software application supports, at import, a pretty long list of formats, such as PLT, HPG, PDF, EPS, DWF, DXF, CGM, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, DCX, TGA, ZIP and VPR, while export is possible using PDF, PS, DWF, DXF, CAL, GBR, GIF, PLT, PCX, PNG, SVG, EMF, BMP, WMF and TIF file extensions.

Tweaks and options

When it comes to editing, you can easily draw freehand, insert geometrical shapes (rectangle, ellipse, polyline etc.), text, notes and QR codes, as well as crop images and use a highlighter or erases.

Moreover, you can compare any two files, regardless of their format, and generate multiple reports in the same time, using a CSV or XML format, for further analysis and use. Batch conversions is supported, using the formats aforementioned at import and export, as well as batch printing.

Both batch conversion and printing is included.

The software can be configured to monitor a user selected folder, and all files copied to that folder will be automatically printed.

ViewCompanion gives you advanced functions for zooming and panning, and you can view your files fast and accurate.

Use Viewcompanion’s precise tools to measure dimension lengths and areas. You can measure using snap to drawing geometry for highest accuracy. Calibration of the measurement tools is available to make sure you get correct results if your drawings are not 1:1. The measurement results may be exported to csv, which can be loaded into Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

With ViewCompanion Portable you can add markups to the loaded file. Supported markup elements include rectangles, lines, dimension lines, area measurements, ellipses, polygons, text, arrows, stamps and images.

You can select one of the predefined stamps or create your own. User defined symbol libraries makes it easy to add frequently used symbols as markups. Hyperlinks can be added to markup elements, and a hyperlink can either open another drawing inside ViewCompanion, or open an Internet location (URL) using the default browser.

  • All markup elements are stored in a separate file and the original file will be left unmodified.
  • The markup elements can optionally be included when the viewed file is printed or converted.
  • You can export markup elements as Autodesk DXF, Autodesk DWF, CGM and other formats.

Release Notes:


  • Saving a comparison to PDF will now include all pages in the files being compared.
  • Command line parameters /cm and /cmi can now be used to combine several single page DWF files into a multi-page DWF.
  • Added an option in Advanced Settings to control if all pages, or only the current page, should be saved by save comparison.
  • WebP images can now be added using markup add picture tool.

Solved issues:

  • 16-bit BMP files became black after rotation.
  • A JPEG image file was displayed using incorrect orientation.
  • Converting a 32-bit PNG to 24-bit PNG caused degrading of the quality.
  • A PLT file was converted with wrong color for some of the text.
  • A single page CGM file was loaded as two pages and was missing an image.



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