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The Accurate, Fast Way to Migrate, Archive & Analyze Email Data. Choose Aid4Mail Portable for Windows when you need to migrate email accounts quickly and reliably… When you’re under pressure to process email data for litigation purposes… And when you can’t afford to risk losing or compromising email data.

Aid4Mail Portable comes in three editions: Converter, Investigator, Enterprise. Converter is limited to email conversion. It’s very fast! Investigator adds powerful email filtering and Python scripting. Enterprise includes all the Investigator features, and can be installed on a server or run from a USB drive.

Aid4Mail Converter
If all you need is to download and convert email, then Aid4Mail Converter is for you. It’s an ideal solution for preparing mail for ingestion into archiving, eDiscovery and forensic tools. What’s more, you can use it to process unlimited mail stores, whether in-house or from external sources.
This new edition is very fast—up to 6 times faster than its predecessor! Remarkable considering Aid4Mail 4 is already one of the fastest email converters on the market. And this speed gain is without sacrificing accuracy.

Incremental processing has also been significantly improved. In some cases, it’s over 100x faster than in Aid4Mail 4! It’s simple to use and makes it a breeze to continue a prior conversion where you left off. Or to capture any new mail received since last time.

And that’s not all. Aid4Mail can now access Gmail and Outlook 365 through their native APIs—a much more secure and efficient method. We’ve also developed a free remote authentication tool. It enables anyone to grant temporary access to their Office 365 or Gmail account. This can be done securely, without providing login credentials, and without an installation of Aid4Mail.

Although Aid4Mail 5 doesn’t yet offer the full range of formats available in version 4, it already includes the most popular: PST and MSG files, Outlook profiles, Outlook 365, Gmail, secure IMAP for cloud-based services like Outlook.com, Mozilla Thunderbird, mbox and EML. Convert between formats or transfer messages in the same format, for example from PST to PST.

Other features not mentioned above:
Reliably download large IMAP accounts through effective error recovery protocol.
Secure access to Gmail, Office 365, Outlook.com and IMAP through OAuth 2.
Accurately restore the folder structure from Google Takeout files.
Export emails as searchable PDF files with linked attachments.
Convert to HTML and display emails in browser through included viewer.
Plain text, CSV, TSV and XML target formats.
Extract email attachments.
Flexible template-based folder and file naming with support for Bates numbering.
Supports long file names exceeding 255 characters.
Detailed progress information, conversion statistics and logs.
Works seamlessly with both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook.
Modern user interface with full Unicode support.
Comprehensive Help manual.

Aid4Mail Investigator
If your work involves email forensics or eDiscovery, or you need powerful email search and filter capabilities, then Aid4Mail Investigator is ideal. It includes all the benefits of Aid4Mail Converter with additional tools to find relevant emails. It also accelerates email processing even further.

The new filtering capabilities in Aid4Mail Investigator far exceed those in Aid4Mail 4. And they’re more user-friendly, offering the same email search operators as Gmail, Google Vault and Office 365. You can now search any part of an email including attachments and deeply embedded contents. Even file metadata like EXIF and IPTC information contained in pictures.

Suppose you’re searching for text in a PDF file that’s contained within a ZIP archive, attached to an email that is itself the attachment of another email. Aid4Mail 5 will find it!

You’ll find helpful filter operators to skip duplicates, emails originating from mailing lists, bulk mail and notifications—essential tools to cull redundant and irrelevant emails before review.

If you need more advanced search features, Aid4Mail gives you full control through Python scripting. Extract and search text from images using Python OCR modules. Or use Python image analysis to detect nudity in photos. The possibilities are endless…

Aid4Mail Investigator also supports native Gmail and Office 365 filtering, handled at the server end by Google or Microsoft. As a result, only emails matching the search criteria are downloaded by Aid4Mail. This feature alone can result in significant time and cost savings.

Last but not least, you can speed up processing even further by running multiple conversion engines simultaneously. These can either be totally independent conversions, or share the same source or target, or both. For example, you can merge emails from multiple sources into a single PST file. Or split a single source file into multiple target files. Or apply multiple search criteria to a single mail store, saving the results in different folders within the same PST. All at the same time.

Other features not mentioned above:
Reorganize emails by account.
Configure Bates stamping format.
Access and restore unpurged mail.
Add missing metadata to target emails.
Access Public and Shared folders and Delegate accounts.
Use word proximity operators, wildcards, and regular expressions in your searches.
Customize target folder and file names using Python scripts.

Aid4Mail Enterprise
The most advanced and complete email processing tool we’ve ever developed. Aid4Mail Enterprise has all the features you need for email conversion and archiving, email migration, email forensics and eDiscovery. It is well suited to large-scale email processing in medium to large organizations.

Aid4Mail Enterprise combines all the benefits of Aid4Mail Converter and Investigator together with flexible licensing that make it a very cost-effective solution.

An Aid4Mail Enterprise license is tied to a computer, server, or USB drive instead of a seat. This makes it available to any number of users in your company. You can run Aid4Mail Enterprise from a server or networked computer or from a shareable USB flash/SSD drive. This makes it ideal as a portable solution in the field as well as in the lab.

With Aid4Mail Enterprise, you get these additional email formats:
A) Source formats
Google Vault (zipped MBOX files)
Mimecast (zipped EML SJF files)
Proofpoint (zipped EML files)

B) Target formats
Office 365 and MS Exchange (via MAPI)
Gmail (via Google API or IMAP)
Dovecot, Courier, Zimbra, … (via IMAP)

You also gain access to a command-line interface (CLI). This allows you to seamlessly integrate the Aid4Mail engine directly into your workflow. Use it in scripts and batch files to automate email processing. Or create your own user interface to limit the features available to your end users.

System Requirements
Operating System: Aid4Mail Portable runs under Windows 10 and 8, as well as Windows Server 2019, 2016 and 2012. Both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are supported. Windows 7 (SP1), Vista (SP2), Windows Server 2008 (SP2) or 2008 R2 (SP1) are supported if .NET 4.5 has been installed.

Hardware Requirements: 120 MB of RAM, 50 MB disk space. Pentium (or compatible) processor.
Internet: Online license activation, validation, and re-activation require an internet connection (offline activation available on request).
Software Requirements: Office Outlook must be installed to process mail to or from Outlook/Exchange profiles, *.msg and *.pst files.



Download Aid4Mail Portable

Download – 60.3 MB
Mirror – 60.3 MB

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