Portable DIKDIK Video Kit 2023 v5.12.0.0 (x64)



DikDik Portable (former Video Watermark Subtitle Creator) is the best video watermark software for editing video, adding watermark and subtitle, It can add video,audio, image, words and subtitle in WYSIWYG, and can set time of appearance, position, size and animated effects for watermark and subtitle to video, and preview at will. It can add watermark and subtitle to videos in batch, splitting and merging video in batch.

The software is an easy video creation, batch video editing and screen recording software for editing video, screen recording, adding watermark and subtitle, It can add video, image, words and subtitle in WYSIWYG, and can set time of appearance, position, size and animated effects for watermark and subtitle to video, and preview at will. It can add watermark and subtitle to videos in batch, splitting and merging video in batch.

Videos often serve as important material for various presentations or transform an important event into a memory that can be viewed. Regardless of activity domains, editing tools like DikDik need to be used to make minor adjustments and get a polished result, or simply have them converted to a different format.

A little rough around the edges

Running the application brings up the main window, equipped with all available features in plain sight or easily accessible. The overall design is pretty poor, and right from the start you tend to feel lost. You can’t really tell which of the available features is currently active.

A large side panel serves as a list for video files you load, with a preview section next to it and stuck in a little corner you manage to find the subtitle maker, video merger and splitter. From the same window, the output folder and format can be set, which has, truth be told, a decent list to choose from.

Unless you keep an eye on the side panel to check the status, you don’t really know whether or not the process is completed. No help manual is provided to guide you along the way, nor hovering your mouse cursor over buttons brings up any tooltips.

Multiple tools to work with

The application prides itself with the variety of editing tools available in a single window. Converting a video is the easiest task, because you only need to select output format and hit the “Run” button.

A subtitle maker brings up a new window with a handful of options to get timing and style just right. Font is fully customizable and can be manually placed in a desired location, as well as have it saved to file. Moreover, a watermark can be added either with text or media files from the same window.

Additionally, a merger tool gives you the possibility to add clips to the start and end of your currently imported file. The reverse process is also available, the video can be split either into a number of equal parts or by specific duration.

Put watermarks to videos in batch
1. Edit WordArt effects in WYSIWYG.
2. Create dynamic watermark effects (e.g. Expand, Scroll, Flash and Fade In).
3. Insert coypright symbols C, R or TM to video.
4. watermarks (video,pictures, text).

Add subtitles to videos in batch
1.Edit subtitle in WYSIWYG.
2.Create dynamic subtitle effects (e.g. Expand, Scroll, Flash and Fade In).
3.Add .srt or .ssa subtitles to videos.

Split video in batch
1.Set number of parts or a duration of each clip.
2.Set start and end points for every part.

Resize videos in batch
1.Video resizing serves the same purpose as splitting. Video resized or video spilting.

Merge videos in batch
1.Add title sequence to videos in batch.
2.Add tail leader to vides in batch.

Convert videos in batch
1.Support multi-core processor and concurrent conversion of multiple files.

Extract sounds from videos in batch
1. Convert videos to mp3
2. Merge multiple mp3 files into one.
3. Split an MP3 into multiple MP3s.

Release Note

  • Used OpenGLES
  • Added HD in the batch player
  • Added support OpenGL in the batch player
  • Improved player in the batch and editor
  • Improved HW decode
  • Fixed zooming timeline to fit in the batch



Download DikDik Portable

Download – 79.3 MB

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