KaiNote Subtitles Editor (x64)



KaiNote Portable  is a subtitles editor that can play video using FFMS2 (for typesetting, timing and more advanced edition) or DirectShow (for playback or minor subtitles edition).

– Supported formats: ASS, SSA (loaded convert to ASS), SRT, MPL2, MDVD, TMP.
– Conversion from one format to another.
– Traslation mode: keeps original text in second text field till translation is ended.
– Seeking not translated and not committed lines.
– Buttons Putting ASS tags in multiple lines.
– Video visual tools for basic tags and position shifter to move multiple positions of tags: pos, move, org, clip, iclip and p (ASS drawings).
– Shift times docked in subtitles grid with moving to autio/video time.
Audio spectrum / waveform with karaoke autosplitting tool good for japanese lirycs.
– Automation 4 with Dependency control.

What’s NEW:

  • Changed spectrum horizontal scaling to not depended from window size.
  • Added saving position of audio sliders when used mouse wheel.
  • Added multiline clips and drawings.
  • Fixed random hang after using undo.
  • Added saving font size of dialogue text field.
  • Fixed crash after close last tab.
  • Fixed unneeded selecting of text in comboboxes of find replace window.
  • Fixed placing od multiple tags when cursor was between two }{ brackets.
  • Update of Libass and fixed not working refresh after windows font changing.
  • Added font preview on style edition font list.
  • Added using Libass via Direct Show.
  • Fix for TV.601 matrix.
  • Added using video matrix via Direct Show.
  • Fixed wrong inserting lines split with “rn”.
  • Fixed bad drawing active window border when opened two tabs.
  • Fixed spell checker for languages like Thai.
  • Fixed word wrapping in text fields.
  • Fixed tag list in dialogue text field.
  • Fixed crash after changing subtitles when audio is playing.
  • Fixes for spellchecker dialog.
  • Fixed bad theme color update, when theme have missing colors.
  • Fixed empty lines in find result list when line is too long.
  • Fixed crash after loading subtitles when visuals are off.
  • Fixed working visuals when subtitles format is not ASS.
  • Fixed not scaling for scrollbars and other buttons when open Kainote on 4k screen.
  • Fixed pasting tags from original to translation text.
  • Fixed hang when Lua script opens windows for save or open files.
  • Fixed make folders in Font collector when subtitles or MKV do not have fonts.
  • Added Scaling program window when screen change to another with different DPI (Windows 8.1 i 10).
  • Fixed rare hang of static text.
  • Many fixes of Visuals and video Zoom.
  • Fixed no subtitles with visual clip or drawing when Libass renderer was used.
  • Fixed crash when active line exceeds subtitles table.
  • Fixes for disabling elements of menu and toolbar.
  • Fixed not visible text field when only audio is loaded.
  • Fixed bad selecting of Select lines dialog window.
  • Fixes of postprocessor.
  • Added save audio and keyframes paths in last session.
  • Added font catalogs in style edition and font edition.
  • Fixed crash audio spectrum after resize of program window.


Download KaiNote Subtitles Editor Portable

Download – 40.9 MB
Mirror – 40.9 MB

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