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Master Packager Portable is a powerful and comprehensive software packaging tool that allows IT professionals and software developers to create reliable and efficient software packages for deployment across a range of environments. It simplifies the process of creating and deploying software packages, saving time and resources while ensuring that the packages are delivered securely and successfully.

One of the key features of Master Packager Portable is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The software is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and straightforward layout that allows users to quickly create and deploy software packages. The software also includes a range of customization options, allowing users to adjust the settings to their preferences and requirements.

Another key feature of Master Packager Portable is its ability to package software in a range of formats, including MSI, EXE, and APP-V. This means that users can create software packages that are compatible with a range of operating systems and environments, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software also supports package conversion, allowing users to convert packages between different formats easily.

Master Packager also includes a range of advanced features that make it a powerful tool for software packaging. For example, it includes a built-in editor that allows users to modify and customize packages, including adding custom scripts and settings. It also includes a range of validation tools, which help to ensure that packages are error-free and ready for deployment.

One of the key benefits of Master Packager is its ability to automate the packaging process. The software includes a range of automation tools, which allow users to create and deploy packages quickly and efficiently. This saves time and resources, allowing IT professionals and software developers to focus on other tasks.

Master Packager also includes a range of security features, which help to ensure that packages are delivered securely and without any unauthorized changes. The software includes digital signature support, which allows users to sign packages with a digital certificate, ensuring that they are not tampered with during the deployment process.

Overall, Master Packager Portable is an excellent choice for IT professionals and software developers who need a reliable and efficient software packaging tool. Whether you are deploying software across a range of environments or just need to create packages for internal use, Master Packager is a tool that you should definitely consider.

Distributing customized installers to your clients shows not only that you are a professional, but also that you are willing to adapt to each specific requirement you might come across.

Master Packager Portable is one of the apps that can help build brand new such installers or modify existing ones.

Build MSI installers from scratch

As soon as you launch Master Packager, you need to choose the action you want to take: either create a new installer, or open an old MSI, MST or MSP one, so you can enhance it.

The first details you need to enter are the general information, such as product name and version, manufacturer, product code or installation folder. Next, you need to add the homepage, support and updates URLs, contact and phone number – and this is also the moment where you can choose to hide or display the Modify, Repair and Remove buttons.

When it comes to the summary info, you get to select the image type, code page and UAC status as you see fit.

Supports numerous types of files

Despite all these, the strength of Master Packager lies in the wide range of files and registry entries you can include in your installer to make it suitable for your or your client’s necessities. Not only can you assign different files to each supported folder, but you can also adjust the shortcuts, INI files, application search, environment variables, or custom actions.

You can even modify the entries from the install execute sequence, then configure the ODBC data source and services.

When you consider your work is done, you can rely on the Validation function to detect compilation errors and fix them before sharing your work with others.

All in all, Master Packager can assist professionals into coming up with beautiful and personalized installers without too much effort.

Create And Modify

Create MSI and MST files from scratch or modify Vendor Microsoft Windows installers.


Design that is created to be as friendly as possible. Self-explanatory user interface.


Work with MSIs having over 100 000 files or registries and experience impressive load time and UI responsiveness.

User interface

Don’t miss anything. Interface that lets you use your display’s full potential – All menus in one view.


Store properties, registries, summary information or custom actions and apply them instantly with predefined templates.


Repackage extremely complex EXE installations to MSI with no or minimal modifications and full automation capabilities

Exclusive PRO Features

Master Wrapper

  • PSADT Actions
  • Script Editor

Master Repackager

  • Multiple restart support
  • File and Registry exclusion list
  • Hard-coded path resolution
  • Extension capture
  • Registry mapping
  • INI File capture
  • Environment variable capture
  • Shortcut capture
  • Service capture
  • Font capture
  • Service Control capture
  • ODBC data source and driver capture
  • File Extensions capture
  • Automatic Repackaging


What’s NEW:


• Master Repackager – show included/excluded item count during cleanup
• Master Packager – improved ICE validation failure message
• Master Wrapper – added UI to view/edit AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml configuration
• Master Repackager – automatically detects  MSIX platform based on the files/registries in the package
• Master Wrapper – updated to support PSAppDeploymentToolkit 3.9.3

Bugs fixed

• Master Repackager – shortcut WorkingDIR with env var is captured incorrectly
• Master Packager/Repackager – Modified icon storage format to binary PE for shortcut icons
• Master Packager – Unclear ‘Update Existing Files’ functionality when using for existing cab files
• Master Wrapper – Script editor loses changes in certain sections
• Only one opened instance of MP/MRP/MW can write to log file




Download Master Packager Portable

Download – 19.4 MB

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