Portable OpenToonz 1.4.0 (x64)




OpenToonz Portable is an application that allows you create 2D animations that are compatible with the TWAIN standards and that you can use in a wide variety of projects. If you are looking for a tool that enables you to draw attention to a product or service, then few things can compete with the engagement level provided by animations. Not only do animations bring weight, depth and width to an idea, but the best part is that the time element is completely under the control of the designer.

Comes with a user-friendly interface
The setup is quick and uneventful, especially since it entails following a few generic steps that you are probably accustomed to. Upon launch, you come face to face with an intuitive GUI that it is unlikely to cause you any issues, even if you do not have too much experience with rendering tools.

You should know that the application includes several modes where you can edit and tweak your scenes or frames according to the specifications of your project. Therefore, you can preview the sequence of frames, modify the subsampling, alter the color palette or delete your current session by switching between Cleanup, PitEdit, InknPaint or Xsheet.

Enables you to manage the settings of 2D animations seamlessly
It is important to note that the program packs several utensils that permit you to control every detail of your scene. In fact, you can configure the parameters for one scene or apply them to a set of frames without too much effort.

As far as the values you can modify are concerned, you will be happy to learn that you are free to alter anything from the line processing, pixels, DPI and antialias to sharpness, brightness, contrast and despeckling. On a side note, the application includes extensive tutorials and guides, but unfortunately, they are only available in Japanese.

A tool for anyone who is into 2D animations
All in all, if you are looking for a utility that provides you with the basic tools and a flexible environment where you can work on creating 2D storyboards, then OpenToonz Portable might come in handy.

What’s NEW:

  • New Guided Drawing/Autoinbetweening
  • New XDTS File Support (Celsys and Toei Animation xsheet file format Import/Export)
  • New Cache folder Replacement & Clear Cache Command
  • New Camera Column in XSheet
  • New Context Aware Toolbar
  • New Create Blank Drawing command
  • New Fx: Corridor Gradient Fx Iwa
  • New Fx: Spin Gradient Fx Iwa
  • New Geometry Tool Driven Motion Paths
  • New (Initial) Korean Menu Translation
  • New Level Settings Adjustment for Multiple Selections in XSheet/Timeline
  • New Next/Previous Keyframe Shortcuts
  • New Pencil Mode for Toonz Raster Eraser in Freehand and Polyline
  • New Swap Colors Button for Gradient Fxs
  • New Short Play Feature
  • New Fill Tool for Raster Level
  • Updated/Reorganized Menus
  • New Canon DSLR Camera Capture support (Windows only)
  • New Portable Test Builds via zip file download at Github (Windows Only)
  • …and much much more.


Hexupload – 79.2 MB
Uploadrar – 79.2 MB

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