Portable Opera 48.0.2685.39 Stable (x64)




Opera portable has a long history of creating innovative in the Web browsers. In fact, several things we take for granted in our Web experience originated in the Norwegian-built browser, including a tabbed interface, popup blockers, and integrated search. After loading up on and subsequently stripping itself of unique features, Opera has returned to innovating and differentiating itself, with built-in ad-blocking, pop-out video, a battery saver, a turbo compression scheme, and now even a free built-in virtual private network (or VPN) that’s as fast as many premium services.


Opera is pleasing to the eye, with square tabs that have slightly rounded corners, sort of a middle ground between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge’s perfectly square tabs and Firefox’s very round ones. The background tabs recede, making it very clear which you’re viewing. The browser’s tab-preview feature is accessible from a down-pointing chevron at the right of the title bar. Click on this, and you’ll see a dropdown listing all your tabs, and hovering the cursor over any of them displays a preview of the site in the middle of the browser window. I still prefer the old Opera tab previews that showed up as thumbnails when you hovered the mouse cursor over the actual tabs at the top of the program window, as Edge’s work.


One real differentiator of the Opera interface now is its Speed Dial home page of site tiles. Another is the menu button that lives up in the top-left edge of the browser instead of being a standard 3-line hamburger menu on the right, like those in current versions of all other major browsers. Also, in Opera the browser doesn’t close when you close the last tab.


In today’s Opera stable update, we have included some fixes for resuming downloads and HiDPI.

Chromium updated to version 61.0.3163.100.