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Traditional commercial radio programming applications are designed for traditional radio stations who may and expect to pay thousands of dollars for highly sophisticated and complex software. But what if it’s not you? If you want a simple, affordable and reliable solution for automating your broadcast needs, RadioBOSS Portable radio automation software is the perfect solution.

Whether creating and scheduling crossfade programs for terrestrial or Internet radio stations, creating the right audio environment in restaurants and shops, or broadcasting live events, RadioBOSS has been the choice of thousands of broadcasters in his 14 years. I was.

With RadioBOSS Portable, you can convert and manage audio assets, ad support, create playlists with professional features such as hourly blocks, rotations, fades, auto-leveling, and local, terrestrial, or Internet broadcasting systems. You can easily and quickly play playlists on the


Produce professional, polished audio programs at a fraction of the cost of other radio programming applications. Strong support for Internet broadcasters. Built-in support for internet streaming (Shoutcast v1, v2, Icecast, Windows Media Services), automatic submission of metadata (upload to FTP, HTTP requests, text or XML files), and use of streamed internet audio in playlists .

Work as you please. With RadioBOSS Portable you can get, use and manipulate your favorite audio formats, Winamp and VST plugins, multi-channel cards (4.0, 5.1, 7.1 etc.) and individual RadioBOSS profiles. Create polished and professional playlists with crossfade support, automatic volume adjustment, scheduled announcements, block rotation, ad volume boost and more.

Thanks to his 15 years of continuous improvement and improvement of RadioBOSS, you can play his RadioBOSS unattended for days, weeks and months.

What’s new:

  • Render to file (mixdown) feature: render a playlist to a single file, allows creating pre-recorded shows
  • Configurable crossfade curve shape (linear, parabolic)
  • Added third input (Input 3) that can be used in addition to existing two inputs
  • Auto Intro: new conditions added (rating, duration), added second condition block
  • Added new playlist tabs: song requests, playback queue
  • Microphone bed – background music for microphone when nothing is playing in the playlist
  • Microphone: option to start next track after mic is turned off (right-click the MIC button)
  • Custom broadcasting title is included in the playlist Track Title column
  • Improved playlist search – now it highlights all results
  • Custom broadcast title (for network streams, line input etc.) now includes history to choose from previous titles
  • API can be used over HTTPS protocol (requires adding a certificate)
  • Custom colors can be selected for playlist tabs
  • Playlist tabs can be dragged with a mouse
  • Reports: FTPS protocol can be used to upload nowplaying and artwork
  • WASAPI support for Prelisten, Cart wall and Jingles output devices
  • Style: toolbar icon size can be adjusted (Settings->View->Style)
  • Custom Nowplaying file templates are supported
  • Track List – separate artist option to improve repeat protection when multiple artists are listed
  • Track List – view and modify position in the track source for “In order” and “Series” selection
  • Improvements in Relaying
  • Email notifications: our email service can be used instead of SMTP, requires no configuration
  • Added “Mute monitor sound card on prelisten” option in the Prelisten window
  • Microphone can be prelistened (right-click the MIC button)
  • Log window: added a filter to only show played tracks
  • File Explorer tree added as an alternative in File Explorer
  • API: “scheduler” list events marks the last started event
  • API: “encoderstatus” includes listener count for each encoder

Ads Scheduler

  • Profiles system: any number of profiles can be created to manage different types of ads separately (commercial, social, political etc)
  • Ads are now displayed in table view
  • Changed the way ads are managed, now the ads are not tied to the files on the disk
  • Confugurable option added: group for “adsupdate” event
  • Shuffle ads – takes ads priorities into account
  • Basic repeat protection for alternate ads tracks
  • Repeat protection for separators
  • Added “separator probability” option
  • Added scheduled event option “Insert sweeper”
  • Fixed: sweepers incorrectly processed when alternate tracks are used
  • Fixed bugs with intro/outro processing
  • Fixed minor remote ads management bugs

Music Library

  • Show selected tracks duration and count
  • Improved played history display
  • “makelibrary” command actually updates the library instead of completely rebuilding it
  • Option added to change list background color
  • Added Index column to the list
  • Bulk empty start/end dates for tracks
  • Added option to clear playcount, last played and played history for tracks
  • Improved user tags management; tags cleanup feature to remove non-existent tags from tracks


  • New options added in the Scheduler Wizard
  • Extended the “clearplaylist” command: “clearplaylist up” to remove tracks above the playing track
  • Added commands to enable and disable individual events by name
  • “Manual” column added to the events list, it contains time when the event was supposed to run when Manual mode is enabled

Song Request System

  • Improvements in the requested song list window
  • Song requests are logged and kept in the list for reference
  • Request message is available with %requestedmsg variable in the notifications

Track Tool

  • Show track duration between start and end
  • Hot keys (F2-F11) to set markers
  • Shows time value for current cursor position

Segue Editor

  • Shows Intro and Outro if set for tracks
  • Fixed delayed playback error on some computers
  • Fixed lots of minor issues and overall quality improvements

Playlist Generator

  • Takes into account custom Mix points set for music tracks
  • Improvements in category edit window

Video playback

  • Exact video duration detection when video plugin is used
  • Improved AV sync
  • Webm files support added

Advanced options added

  • Network stream failure detection
  • Playlist search always visible
  • Device stall check
  • Waveform drawing algorithm
  • Check for silence when relaying a network stream

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Added Level column to the playlist
  • Added hot key for “Run now” command in the scheduler
  • Nowplaying is updated when “setcasttitle” API command is used
  • Selected window style is marked in the additional modules
  • Improved UI to select scheduled events group color
  • Track Tool can be called for Cart Wall items
  • Fixed a bug with Comments in the playlist
  • Fixed minor bugs fixed with playlist colors
  • Fixed: sometimes tag information for OPUS was not loaded
  • Fixed: multiple “generate playlist” events can interfere with each other
  • Fixed bugs in Teaser processing
  • Fixed bugs in Auto Intro rules processing
  • Fixed: tracks played via “getfile” command sometimes were not logged
  • Fixed: overlay video stopped the video playing in the main playlist
  • Fixed: “stop” command incorrectly ended track at the Mix point
  • Other bugs fixed, minor improvements



Download RadioBOSS Portable

Download – 123.7 MB

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