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A common problem we often face with, when uninstalling unnecessary software, is various traces left in the system: unneeded files or folders on a disk, registry entries and so on. This can happen even if an application was removed correctly with its own uninstaller – a special program provided by a vendor to uninstall the application. Soft Organizer Portable is a professional application designed to uninstall unnecessary applications from your system.

One of the standout features of Soft Organizer Portable is its ability to completely remove applications, including any residual files, folders, and registry entries. This is particularly useful for users who want to ensure that their systems are clean and free from clutter, which can slow down performance and cause errors.

The software is also designed to be lightweight and fast, which means that it does not consume a lot of system resources and does not slow down the computer. This is particularly important for users who have older machines or who are running resource-intensive applications.

Another key feature of Soft Organizer Portable is its ability to monitor software installations. This means that the software can track all changes made to the system during the installation of a program, including any files, folders, and registry entries that are created. This makes it easy for users to remove programs completely and ensures that their systems remain clean and optimized.

Soft Organizer also includes a number of advanced features that are designed to make the uninstallation process even more efficient. For example, the software includes a search function that allows users to quickly find and remove specific programs or files. It also includes a backup feature that allows users to create a backup of their system before making any changes.

In addition to its uninstallation features, Soft Organizer also includes a number of other useful tools. For example, the software includes a startup manager that allows users to control which programs start automatically when their computer boots up. This can help to speed up the boot process and improve overall system performance.

The software also includes a registry editor that allows users to view and edit the Windows registry. This is particularly useful for advanced users who want to tweak their system settings and optimize performance.

Soft Organizer is designed to be easy to use, even for users who are not familiar with advanced computer techniques. The software includes a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly and easily perform all of the tasks that they need to manage their software installations.

Overall, Soft Organizer Portable is an excellent software tool for users who want to keep their systems clean and optimized. With its powerful uninstallation features, advanced tools, and user-friendly interface, it is an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep their computer running smoothly and efficiently.

The main function of the tool is the complete removing of programs from your computer. Soft Organizer monitors all changes made to the system during the setup process of a certain application. You can easily learn what file or registry entries were modified during the installation. Using these data, Soft Organizer completely removes an application when you order it to.

The program performs much faster than many competing solutions. This is because Soft Organizer analyzes changes on disks in real time while tracking the modifications installation procedures have made, instead of taking a long time saving info about all files before and after installation. Such an approach saves much time compared to other utilities.

You can setup Soft Organizer so that all applications installed in your system will be accessible with a single click of the notification area icon. Another click, and you can immediately remove an unnecessary program without opening the standard Programs and Features tool or searching for a built-in uninstaller.


1. Very simple and intuitive operation
The simple, convenient, and non-overloaded interface doesn’t distract a user from the installing and/or uninstalling process. The Soft Organizer utility looks like a simple list of installed programs, where a user merely needs to select a program and click “Uninstall”. At the same time, the tool features the entire range of capabilities that even programs with much more complex interfaces have. (Most of those programs look like a space shuttle cockpit with many gauges, meters, and obscure instruments.)

2. Has only the functions you really need
Thanks to judicious selection of capabilities, Soft Organizer features only those options you really need in your work. The overall functionality of the program is similar to competitive application removal solutions.

3. Enhanced capabilities for experienced users
Due to the number of enhanced functions in Soft Organizer, experienced users can enjoy more precise control over the process. Such functions keep a low profile and do not distract other users, so installing and uninstalling applications using Soft Organizer remains simple and intuitive.


Search for traces (residues) of the program being uninstalled
Allows you to remove traces of programs that were not tracked while installing (powered by the Full Uninstall technology).

Universal Windows Apps Removal
Allows you to remove universal Windows 8/10/11 apps that was installed from Windows Store.

Built-in program rating
Program rating allows you to evaluate installed applications. The rating is calculated based on the total number of users who have removed this app from the computer shortly after installation.

Automatic backups
Automatic creation of backups during the removal of application residues indemnifies the system against any possible emergency.

Remove multiple programs at once
You can easily remove even multiple applications in Soft Organizer by simply selecting all programs you don’t need anymore and clicking “Uninstall”.

Export the list of installed programs to HTML
When you contact the support staff of a company, they may ask you about the programs installed on your computer. You can easily get such a list in a few clicks. The list is saved as an HTML file that is easy to open and to read.

Sorting and grouping of the list
The list of programs can be sorted by various parameters (install date, tracking status, title, and others) for instant search for given apps in the list.

Program quick search function
With quick search, you can find a desired application almost immediately, as long as you know its title or a portion of it. The list dynamically shortens as you type the text in the search box.

Built-in automatic update mechanism
Soft Organizer automatically updates to new versions. You don’t need to visit the website of the program or download or install the tool manually. You simply click the Update button, and the program does the rest.

Check for new versions
For installed programs there’s an option to check for newer versions of a program. This allows you to keep applications up-to-date, as well as to eliminate bugs and problems caused by the outdated versions.

Search for leftovers of the already uninstalled programs
Allows you to remove leftovers of already uninstalled programs.

Tracked installation of programs
Installs apps and tracks changes in the system to enable removing tracked elements later (powered by the Full Uninstall technology).

“Silent” program installation
For those setup packages that support silent install, you can install applications in the “no questions asked” mode in one click.

New versions installation
If newer versions of the installed programs are detected, Soft Organizer Pro will offer to update them in one click (available no for all programs).

Soft Organizer Portable Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug: the program could fail to unload from memory after using the rarely used programs search function.


Download Soft Organizer Portable

Uploadrar – 10.8 MB
RapidGator – 10.8 MB

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