Portable Recovery Explorer Professional




Recovery Explorer Professional is a robust instrument that will cope even with most challenging data loss tasks that technical experts may come across with. The software handles a broad set of devices, file systems and RAID configurations. The application can boast a wide variety of tools for viewing and editing contents of disks, partitions and files in the hexadecimal mode as well as for low-level analysis of data consistency.

What is more, the program is capable of decrypting disk volumes for data recovery and data access purposes while the disk-on-disk recovery technology lets you open a virtual disk nested on a physical storage, allowing to recover data straight from a virtual machine without the need to extract virtual disk first. This powerful utility is the first choice of those who have highest demands to the data recovery software they use.

Data recovery
– Local and external hard drives
– Any portable storage media: USB Flash drives, SD cards, MicroSDs,
– MiniSDs, MMCs, Memory Sticks, etc.
– Disk images and virtual disks
– FAT/FAT32/ExFAT/NTFS/ReFS file systems of Windows
– HFS+ and APFS file systems of macOS
– Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, UFS/UFS2, XFS, ReiserFS, JFS, Btrfs file systems of Linux
– ZFS file system of SUN/FreeBSD
– VMFS file system of VMware ESX(i)
– Data recovery by known content: IntelliRAW™ with custom rules

Data access
– Immediate access to files and folders
– Instantaneous pre-recovery file system analysis
– Opening custom block devices (SCSI, CD/DVD, RAID, etc.)
– Reporting file/folder allocation information and direct access to object fragments
– Reporting file/folder descriptor disposition and direct access to its on-disk position

RAID recovery
– Standard RAID patterns: RAID0, RAID1E, RAID3, RAID5, RAID6, RAID7, etc.
– Hybrid RAID Levels: RAID10, RAID50, RAID60, RAID50E, etc.
– Custom RAID configurations defined through the RAID Definition Language (RDL)
– Automatic reconstruction of mdadm, LVM, Apple Software RAID, Intel Matrix
– Contextual on-disk data analysis for RAID assembly
– RAID-Builder tool

– Quick file system scan
– Instant detection of lost partitions
– Full-range storage scan for all-at-once data recovery
– Scan result filter for sorting found files by custom criteria

Additional functions
– Storage decryption instruments
– Full-disk encryption support
– Disk-on-disk data recovery
– On-the-spot preview of file contents
– File system reconstruction after formatting
– File search filter
– Built-in disk image file creator
– Support of logical volumes under Windows and Linux
– Hexadecimal analysis
– Hexadecimal viewer for storage content analysis
– Hexadecimal editor for logical error correction
– Parity calculator
– Hexadecimal preview of folder structure
– Hexadecimal storage comparison tool
– Hexadecimal parallel data search tool
– Byte-level storage span builder
– Contextual hexadecimal contents analyzer
– Auto-span tool to combine disk image chunks



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