Portable SubPaster 1.2 (Subtitle Translator)




SubPaster should be useful for translating text subtitles to an other language using an external translator or spellchecker. SubPaster splits up a subtitle file into the time marks and text lines on the other hand. It tries to combine the text lines to complete phrases. Translation programs e.g. google translator are known to give significantly better results that way. Usually online translators also have limited text size – thatfore the phrases are optionally provided in chunks of 800/5000 byte. These chunks are passed to the translator via clipboard and vice-versa. The translated phrases then are split into textines and transferred back to the timestamp framework.

All features

Work flow is intended to be straightforward:

1.) Select Chunksize & Load Source
* Select chunksize and text coding before loading the source file.
* “Load” loads the file with the foreign language subtitles.
The first text block appears in the upper field.

2.) Translate phrases
* “Export -> Clipboard” copies the foreign text block to the clipboard.
* Use the Task Manager (“Alt-Tab”) to switch to the Internet browser and use
* “Ctrl-V” to insert the text block into the input field of the translator/spellchecker.
* Mark the translated/corrected text and copy it to the clipboard with “Ctrl-C”.
* Go back to SubPaster with the Task Manager (“Alt-Tab”) and with
* “ClipBoard -> Import” insert the translated text (lower text block).
! Attention: The number of lines of the two text blocks must match exactly!
* “Paste & Next Chunk” processes the translation and loads the next foreign-language text block.

3.) “Save, Donate & Exit”
* Select desired coding for output file.
* “Process & Save” saves the translated subtitle file in .srt format.
* “Donate” is by far the most important feature:
Your favorite browser will take you directly to PayPal.
Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

Current restrictions:
– Only the format .srt is supported
– Timestamps will not be reviewed / corrected
– Text markup will be deleted
– SubPaster follows the usual punctuation marks “.!?”
– Between foreign-language and translated text blocks, the line breaks must not be changed!

What’s NEW:

  • Optionally strip text inside brackets on loading source
  • Optionally skip last phrase imported from clipboard
  • Sometimes missing very last phrase bugfixed


P-12SP.rar – 4.6 MB

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