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The biggest ever release for audio mastering. With close to 80 new features and improvements, WaveLab 12 is the biggest ever release for audio mastering and editing. The best choice for world-class mastering facilities, music studios, and ambitious hobbyists alike, WaveLab 12’s array of state-of-the-art tools has something for everyone working with music and sound.

WaveLab Pro Portable: A Comprehensive Audio Mastering Solution

WaveLab Pro Portable is a cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize the audio mastering and editing experience. Crafted by seasoned software engineers in collaboration with users, WaveLab Pro Portable stands out for its exceptional user-friendly features and top-notch audio engine, ensuring unparalleled results with every use.

Platform-Independent Functionality

WaveLab Pro Portable caters to both Windows and macOS operating systems, offering a seamless experience across platforms. Its intuitive design and robust features make it a go-to choice for professionals seeking a versatile and efficient audio mastering tool.

Enhanced Workflow and Productivity

The software’s latest version, WaveLab Pro 12, introduces a plethora of new features aimed at enhancing workflow and productivity. The Startup Assistant streamlines project initiation by providing quick access to essential resources and updates. Additionally, the redesigned project structure and Audio Montage asset management simplify organization and backup processes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Advanced Audio Editing Capabilities

WaveLab Pro Portable boasts a wide array of advanced audio editing capabilities, including the ability to replace audio files across multiple clips simultaneously, align clips with minimal phase cancellation, and customize mouse actions on the fly. Users can also benefit from features like pre-gain and post-gain controls at each stage of the Audio Montage, bulk activation of plug-ins, and a Safe Open mode for loading montages without plug-ins.

Innovative Plug-Ins and Tools

WaveLab Pro Portable comes equipped with a range of innovative plug-ins designed to shape and enhance audio output. From vintage tube sound compressors to precise dynamic control tools, users can access a variety of plug-ins like Black Valve, VoxComp, Raiser, EQ-M5, EQ-P1A, and SampleAlign. These tools empower users to fine-tune their audio with precision and creativity.

Professional Mastering Capabilities

With WaveLab Pro Portable, users can achieve professional-grade mastering results, thanks to features like Loudness Matching for reference tracks, Loudness Analysis and Reporting, and personalized reports on peak levels and loudness. The software’s comprehensive suite of mastering tools, coupled with its intuitive interface, makes it a preferred choice for mastering professionals worldwide.In conclusion, WaveLab Pro Portable stands as a comprehensive and innovative audio mastering solution, offering a blend of cutting-edge features, user-friendly design, and professional-grade capabilities. Whether used for mastering, sound design, or batch processing, WaveLab Pro Portable sets a new standard in the realm of audio editing and mastering software.

ARA plug-in

You can now use WaveLab within another DAW, thanks to WaveLab’s powerful Audio Editor now being available as an ARA plug-in. Allowing you to directly edit your audio files with WaveLab 12’s advanced editing features from within your favorite DAW: Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Reaper 7, and Studio One 6.5 have all been fully approved for seamless compatibility.

Rainbow waveform

You can now visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors, which highlight the spectral content. Fully customizable coloration assists with the instant recognition of specific audio features.

Automatic transient markers

This feature offers optional visual guidance which aids with snapping audio selection to transient and release points, streamlining the editing process. You can also use the tab key for swift navigation forwards and backwards across transient points, speeding up your workflow.

No limits to audio exchange with other applications

Seamlessly transfer any audio range, with or without effects, from WaveLab to any other application, without any limits or restrictions. The new drag and drop and copy/paste functions help to radically streamline your workflow across diverse platforms, even when using the ARA extension.

Extended copy and paste functionality

You can now optionally associate all standard editing actions with a crossfade option, enabling smooth transitions throughout the editing process.

Automatic waveform zoom to peaks

You can automatically zoom to the peaks of the waveform’s visible part. As you scroll/zoom horizontally into a quiet section, the waveform expands to fill the vertical zoom.

Synchronized audio file and montage navigation

This provides the option to synchronize scrolling and zooming across selected audio files and/or montages, providing a convenient way to visually compare different versions.

Loudness analysis and reporting

You can now generate personalized reports detailing all aspects of loudness and peak levels within your audio files and montages. Focusing on ensuring your work adheres to specific loudness standards, these reports will prove valuable to both pre-mastering assessments and post-mastering quality assurance.

Visual analysis

Explore the spectral details of your audio files and montages in minute detail with this wide range of visual analysis tools. Serving as an asset to both seasoned sound engineers, budding audio enthusiasts and providing assistance for audio engineers, these visual aids will help you to increase understanding of the impact of audio processing on loudness.



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