Portable West Wind WebSurge Professional 1.17 (x64)



We believe that testing HTTP requests and load testing a site should be easy. It’s something that should take a few minutes to set up and then run on a regular basis during the development process, so that you can monitor performance of your sites while you are building them.

We built West Wind WebSurge with developers and testers in mind to make it easy to create HTTP requests or entire sessions, and then easily play back either individual URLs for API or response testing, or for full-on stress testing under heavy load.

It’s easy to share sessions that are plain text files and can be stored on disk with projects, shared folders or cloud drive storage or via source control for all users access.

URL and load testing is a critical stage in the development of any website, and more often than not, it is also a time-consuming one.

However, dedicated software solutions do exist on the market, with West Wind Web Surge Portable being one of them. The program allows you to capture HTTP requests either individually or in full sessions, putting lots of emphasis on both efficiency and transparency.

Can capture and test HTTP requests

As said, the program packs a multitude of features designed to handle captured or entered HTTP data by adopting one of the following approaches: using the built-in HTTP proxy capture tool, turning to HTTP request traces in a text file, or by creating a manual entry for said request.

If you opt for manual tests, resorting to the integrated entry form enables you to come up with various sorts of details regarding the requests, such as URL, content, and headers. It is worth mentioning that any requests, both simple and complex, can be handled by the program, with the list including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Can handle both individual URLs and entire sessions

Once you have customized your session, you can save it to your PC, but there always the option to edit or delete it at any point. As for what the testing process covers, you should know that both URL testing and REST APIs can be handled.

Regarding test loading, indicating the interval during which the task is carried out should be followed by specifying the number of sessions you want to be employed simultaneously. The test results prompt you with a considerable amount of data, such as the total number of requests, errors, threads, total and average time, and more.

Needless to say, any of the requests can be further inspected, and all you need to do for that is click the “Results” tab and select the item. Regardless of your area of interest, exporting the report to XML, HTML, or JSON is an option.

Offers an overview of the development process

On an ending note, West Wind Web Surge is a capable piece of software whose purpose is to help you run tests and assess the development stage your website has reached. The program can capture and test HTTP requests as well as load-test websites, with a multitude of resources being put at your disposal.

Easy to capture, easy to run tests
Built-in capture tool to capture requests
Capture Web browsers or Windows apps
Filter captures by domain or process Id
Import sessions from Fiddler
Manually create and edit sessions
Complete HTTP and SSL Support
Test HTML, AJAX, REST and SOAP Services
Test individual URLs
Test with unlimited load
Easy to read summarized results
Charts to visualize results
Export results to Xml,Json,Html
Test locally and within your Firewall/VPN
Command Line Interface
Great for HTTP Request testing and managing


Download WebSurge Portable

Download – 6.7 MB
Mirror – 6.7 MB

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