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Even when shot with a good phone or a camera, photos and videos might still not meet your requirements in terms of quality. Editing graphics and footage is regular to experts, but there are applications out there that can help any passionate photographer and videographer enhance their work. One of them is called 4DDiG File Repair Portable, a simple yet efficient tool that can improve the quality of both videos and photos in batch mode.

4DDiG File Repair Portable is easily installed and, in a few minutes, you are presented with a user-friendly and simple interface that allows tab-based access to the two separate modules of the app: video repairing and photo fixing.

To begin, all you have to do is browse for the videos you want to fix with 4DDiG File Repair Portable.

The input multimedia files are all displayed within the main window with a preview thumbnail and details regarding their size, duration, location and used codec. Adding and removing videos to and from the list is easy.

Once videos are repaired, they are automatically moved to the list of repaired clips. While the input list does not feature video preview, the repaired videos can be previewed before saving thanks to the embedded video player.

The photo repair module works in a similar way: you must first load the images that need retouching. 4DDiG File Repair Portable displays their size, format, location and dimensions, allowing you to customize the input list as you wish.

The repaired photos can be previewed prior to exporting. On the downside, there are no manual adjustments to make, as is usually the case with photo editors and fixing tools. You simply hit the “Start Repair” button and hope for the best, not actually knowing what changes are made to your files.

4DDiG File Repair Portable is a nifty tool to have around, as it allows you to repair corrupt and damaged videos, as well as pixelated or overexposed photos. However, adding a few extra editing tools to provide users with a bit more control over editing would really add to its value.

Here’s a detailed list of the features of 4DDiG File Repair Portable, an AI-powered tool for repairing corrupted files:

  1. Video Repair:
    • Repair videos that are blurry, overexposed, or otherwise damaged.
    • Effectively improve video quality and boost resolution up to 8K.
  2. Photo Repair:
    • Enhance photo quality using AI:
      • Sharpen details.
      • Colorize black-and-white photos.
      • Improve image resolution significantly.
    • Easily recover image details from blurry or overexposed photos.
  3. File Repair:
    • Repair various types of damaged files:
      • Word documents (e.g., DOCX).
      • Excel spreadsheets (e.g., XLSX).
      • PowerPoint presentations (e.g., PPTX).
      • PDF files.
      • PSD (Photoshop) files.
      • PSB (Photoshop Large Document Format) files.
    • Handle inaccessible or unrecognized files, restoring them to their original state.
  4. Audio Repair:
    • Fix damaged audio files in formats like M4A, MP3, and AAC.
    • Eliminate audio distortions such as crackling or hissing.
  5. Pixelated Image Restoration:
    • Remove pixelation from images with a high success rate.
  6. No-Sound Video Fix:
    • Restore audio to videos that play without sound.

In summary, 4DDiG File Repair is an all-in-one solution for repairing videos, photos, and various file formats. It leverages AI technology to enhance quality, fix issues, and recover content from damaged files12. If you’re experiencing playback problems, file errors, or corruption, 4DDiG File Repair can help you resolve them easily and quickly



Download 4DDiG File Repair Portable

Uploadrar – 129.4 MB
RapidGator – 129.4 MB

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