Portable BackupAssist Desktop 10.5.2



BackupAssist Portable is built for your growing small to medium business. Choose the Windows backup software that keeps your data safe. Backup Software That Saves Your Servers From Ruin. Never suffer from data loss ever again. Use BackupAssist to perform onsite and offsite backups to safeguard your servers.

Methods of creating backups

There are several types of backup jobs you can choose from, such as drive imaging, data replication, ZIP 64-bit compression and SQL or e-mail backup. Regardless of the one you choose, you are required to go through an installation wizard which enables you to set up details such as source directory, destination location, schedule on which to repeat the operation, name and short description.

Create reports, recover and restore your data

It is possible to monitor the backup process, as well as create reports along with the number or errors, data usage information, start and end time, job name, label and computer. Event logs can be displayed in the main window, along with error level, date, event and category.

In addition to that you can create a bootable media that can be used in order to perform system recoveries, while you can also restore all the data present in a previously created backup.

Backup Anything
– Full Systems
– Virtual or Physical
– Files, Folders, Apps
– Backup to Onsite, Cloud
– Incremental Backups

Data Restoration
– Select File Restore
– Powerful Search Tool
– Boot off Backup Media
– Point-In Time SQL
– Individual Mail Items

Disaster Recovery
– Bare Metal Recovery
– Instant VM Recovery
– Hardware Agnostic
– Customize Boot Tools
– Low RPOs and RTOs

Manage Your Sites
– Single Screen Control
– Remote Backup, Restore
– Global Reports
– Easy Web App
– Remote Deployment

Ransomware Defense
– Ransomware Protection
Ransomware Detection
– SMS & Email Alerts
– Manual Scanning
– Easy Rollout Features


What’s NEW:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a destination check to fail while the CryptoSafeGuard shield is enabled.
  • A new error message BA1521 will be generated if an SQL Protection job has not backed up all of the databases selected in the backup job. This could be due to a timeout between BackupAssist and the SQL Server, or a difference in the selected databases and the databases that currently exist.
  • Fixed an issue where a backup job’s catalogue would be deleted if that job ran again on the same day and failed.
  • The License required warning shown on the SQL Protection button in the Create a new backup job screen, will now not be shown after an SQL Add-on is activated.
  • Removed an SQL Protection marketing popup that is no longer required.
  • Removed text from the BitLocker settings on the Set up destination screen that said the BitLocker USB key needs to be plugged in during a backup, as this is no longer correct.
  • BackupAssist Portable and BackupAssist add-ons will not change their license status if a computer’s MAC address changes.
  • The MSP grace period for BAaaS has been changed from 7 to 30 days, to match the licensing period. This will prevent licensing issues from affecting installs more than once per month.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in BackupAssist 10.5.1 that resulted in a Site Controller occasionally losing its tunnel when connecting to MultiSite Manager after a Site Controller service is restarted.


Uploadrar – 66.7 MB
Hexupload – 66.7 MB

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