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FreeTube Portable is an open source desktop YouTube player built with privacy in mind. Use YouTube ad-free and don’t let Google track your cookies and JavaScript. FreeTube uses YouTube‘s native HTTP API with a set of hardcoded API keys. The video is resolved using youtube-dl and played using the standard HTML5 video player. While YouTube can still see your API and video requests, it can no longer track you using cookies or JavaScript. Your subscriptions, history and saved videos are stored locally on your computer and are never sent.

No more ads and tracking

YouTube is getting more and more aggressive with its ads. What used to be a normal ad a couple of years back has now turned into obsessive and uncontrolled advertisements. For example, YouTube currently displays up to three or four commercials during a 30-minute video.

With FreeTube, you get access to YouTube’s content without ads, annoying side banners, or unwanted commercials. Moreover, you don’t need to log in or to sign up (if you don’t have a YouTube account). Now, all your preferences are going to be saved on your physical machine, and all subscriptions, your search history, and saved videos are going to be kept safe, locally. And the best thing is that you will no longer be tracked.

One of the biggest issues you eliminate by avoiding tracking is the fact that you keep your mind and decision power balanced. Google, YouTube, and other social media channels tend to ‘keep you in the loop.’ They track your activity, understand your patterns, and deliver you more similar content. As a result, you enjoy the validation of being right, get biased, and lower your level of critical thinking.

YouTube downloader and customizing interface

FreeTube is an incredibly performant tool. Firstly, it enables YouTube access via their current API or via Invidious’s API; as a result, you can always open a piece of content in Insidious with a direct command, from FreeTube.

Moreover, you can download video thumbnails by right-clicking them (using the ‘Save Image As’ option); also, you can download YouTube videos (at a chosen video quality and frame rate), and, optionally, you can download a video’s subtitles.

When it comes to its interface, FreeTube is impressively versatile. It allows for visual and functioning adaptations. There are plenty of visual tweaks that you can apply and many color customizations — for the base theme, the main color theme, and the secondary color theme.

The main features of the program:
• Support for multimedia keys
• FreeTube allows you to use YouTube without a Google account, and also does not allow Google track actions using cookies and javascript files;
• Viewing video without ads;
• Subscription to channels without an account;
• All user data is stored locally and is not sent anywhere;
• Program interface: top search, lower left on the side panel are subscriptions, trends, most popular videos, browsing history, video list on the right;
• When watching a video, all YouTube functions are available: rewind, volume adjustment, quality selection, change the playback speed, turn on subtitles, switch to full screen mode;
• There is a search by keywords and various filters;
• It is possible to open direct links to the desired video;
• There is an opportunity to share a video;
• Support for creating profiles (for example, for separation of interests);
• It is possible to customize the appearance of the program: choose a theme (light, dark, black), primary color theme and secondary color theme;
• FreeTube supports work through a proxy;
• There is an opportunity to show / hide: video views, likes / dislikes, number of channel subscribers, likes in the comments, featured videos, trending videos, popular videos, live chat;
Privacy settings: enable / disable remember history, save browsing progress;
• It is possible to import / export subscriptions and visit history.




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