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Janus Astrology Software has all of the standard calculation features expected of a top of the line astrology software program, including natal and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts and return charts. It also has specialist modules for Traditional Western Medieval, Hellenistic, Horary and Electional Astrology; Vedic, Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology.

While Janus Portable has been designed to meet the computing needs of professional astrologers, beginners, too, will find it has much to offer. It combines user-friendliness and technical precision with the most extensive list of features found in any astrology program. And, regardless of your level of astrological or computer ability, you will find Janus easy to use.

New in Janus 5?
New look screens
Direct access to chart files on the Main Screen
Multi-select get or delete charts
Large selection of wheels and dials to display on main screen
Beautiful and comprehensive astro-mapping module, includes solar eclipse paths from 5400 BC – 5400 AD
User-editable natal, transit, progression, synastry, relocation and child profile interpretation reports available in UK or US English
Midpoint interpretations
Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbols interpretations
Advanced transit, progression and direction calculation options, including pop-up chart wheels and Timeline
Zoom in and out and advance forward and back graphic ephemeris
Comprehensive search module for researchers
Additional traditional astrology techniques, including antiscia, planetary sect, zodiacal releasing and solar return distribution
Timing Table in Horary, Electional and Medieval modules
Martha Lang-Wescott’s asteroid glyphs
Ability to add asteroids, arabic parts and stars to wheels
Western sidereal techniques, including Octoscope and Progressed Solar Return
Vedic Ashtkoot Compatibility calculator


Whats New:

New features
* Cast Diurnal Chart.
* Import charts from Janus Light.
* Cast Jupiter – Saturn Mean Conjunction chart.
* Traditional Astrology Mandala wheel pdf added to the Wheels menu.

* Harmonic aspect search in the Search module now divides the requested orb by the harmonic number.
* Harmonic aspect search in the Search module now includes conjunctions.
* Improved differentiation between thin, medium, and thick aspect lines.
* Improved handling of ACG aspect lines in Astro Locality Map.
* Chart with the same name are now sorted into date order on the main screen, and in the Get Chart screen File tab.
* Improved algorithms for finding bowl and bucket chart shapes in Single Wheel module and in the Search module.
* Improved display of planets in wheels that are within 1 second of arc to a house cusp.
* Improved Find Name plus Find Next function in Get Chart screen.
* Improved labelling of paran lines on ACG map.
* Can now export data to multiple instances of Excel.
* Improved calendar layout.
* Can now print 12 months of monthly calendar pages and 12 years of yearly calendar pages.
* Aspect lines in animation Bi, Tri and Quad wheels now uses Transit to Natal ascpect orbs for inter-chart aspects.
* Can now get inner chart while in animation mode in Bi, Tri and Quad wheel modules.
* Two new wheel designs with large midpoint trees added to Uranian Chart module.

* Single Wheel Rectify. Control panel now shows correct sidereal zodiac positions of the Sun, Moon, Asc, and Mc.
* Uranian Chart. Natal parameters in data are now reported correctly.
* Uranian Chart. In event tab, changing Solar Arc now works correctly for sidereal zodiacs.
* Planetary war calculation has been fixed in the Vedic Chart module.
* Progressed angles and houses has been fixed for Tertiary and Minor progressions for the progressed Mc options Mean SA in Longitude, Mean SA in RA, One Deg for a year, Mean quot Q2, and Apparent Quot Q2.
* Temperaments score in General Results now agrees with Print Page in the Traditional Chart module.
* House cusp calculations for Asc on 1st and beyond has been fixed.
* Index outside bounds of array error message has been fixed when displaying proportional wheel in the Single Wheel module when all the stars are turned on.
* Transits to sidereal natal chart in Calendar has been fixed.
* The Tran P2 sidereal position is now reported correctly in the List Transits module.
* Custom Arabic Parts positions are now reported correctly for sidereal zodiac.
* Galactic Center position is now calculated correctly in the calculate transits module.
* Sidereal Zodiac positions of stations now reported correctly in the Calculate Transits module and the Calculate Single Transits module when calculating stations only.
* Sidereal Zodiac positions of planets and stars are now displayed correctly in the Sky Map.
* Subscript out of range error fixed when select dial in the 4 wheels module for a sidereal chart.
* Increase dial midpoint orb percentage for Sun, Moon, Asc and Mc setting has been fixed for the Main Screen.



Download Janus Portable

Download – 126.5 MB

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