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Log Parser Lizard Portable is a log parsing tool designed to collect, tranform and load log files in order to support security teams with efective SQL querying text-based data and also Web Server logs, Windows System Events, application log files, RDMBS, JSON, XML and many other data sources. Log Parser Lizard can work alone but also provides a great Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Log parser 2.2, an advanced file parsing engine from Microsoft that runs on all versions of Windows OS. No cloud or web server needed. It is a versatile desktop tool that gives automated SQL query access to any system log or text-based data including Web Server Logs (IIS, Apache, W3C, SharePoint, MS Exchange, FTP, etc…), Windows System Events and even application log files (generated with log4net, Nlog, SeriLog, etc.). Also great for Data Visualization (dataviz), Business Intelligence (BI) and Extract Transform Load (ETL) tasks.

Because the command-line interface is not very intuitive, we have created our professional system utilities tool Log Parser Lizard. Log Parser Lizard is a GUI tool for managing queries and exporting results to Excel and charts. In addition we have added input filters for RegEx and log4net input log formats (with support for regular expressions) and SQL server T-SQL queries. In the installation package, you’ll find some helpful examples to help you start using Log Parser Lizard (and its SQL-like syntax) for a web log analyzer and system log analyzer.

MS Logparser and Log Parser Lizard together are essential tools in every system administrator and developer’s toolbox for forensics, debugging, collecting logs, big data analysis, data visualization and reporting

  • Being used by more than 200.000 people all around the world. Including your friends and colleagues, of course!
  • We’ve been in the industry for over a decade, and our experience corresponds to that.
  • Certified and often awarded by major IT security testing labs. Tested thoroughly on VirusTotal and was found absolutely clean.
  • We provide better features than leading expensive paid-for products and we do it for affordable price

Run SQL queries against plain text files
SQL queries can be explained as a special type of search operation, only much more powerful and with many more possible customization options. Usually, these queries can only be performed on databases, because they contain special terms that are not recognized by other file formats, but Log Parser Lizard enables you to run SQL queries against plain text files, thanks to its very own SQL syntax.

These queries can be related to file system information, such as to find the top 10 largest duplicate files on your hard disk, or even web services, like IIS logs about IP addresses, hit counts and HTTP status codes. You can also create logs from scratch, since the mentioned ones are all samples provided by the application at the installation.

Export the results to Excel or view chart images with the queried data
After you run the desired queries and view all the requested information, you can save the results to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file for future reference, or to transfer them over the Internet as email attachments. The available input log formats include Windows Event logs, Active Directory services and Google BigQuery, which can handle massive amounts of web data.

As for the output formats, Log Parser Lizard enables you to save your queries as CSV, IIS log files and image charts. The charts depict a graphical representation of the queried data, to better illustrate differences or certain activities.

In the end, Log Parser Lizard is well worth the amount of trouble you run into before you learn to use its SQL-style syntax, because the information it offers is very useful and also particularly hard to find with any other kind of application that is not shell-based.


Download Log Parser Lizard Portable

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