Redo Rescue Backup and Recovery 3.0.2




REDO RESCUE BACKUP AND RECOVERY can backup and restore an entire system in minutes with a point-and-click interface anyone can use. Bare metal restore to a new, blank drive and be up and running in minutes. Supports saving to and restoring from local disks or shared network drives. Selectively restore partitions and remap them to different locations on the target drive. Additional tools included for partition editing, web browsing, and more. Runs from live CD/USB; no installation needed.

Redo Backup and Recovery is a practical and effective piece of software that provides you with a reliable means of backing up all your data and recovering your important files and documents, in a secure manner.

Adopting a straightforward approach, this disaster recovery solution comes in handy for both novice and professional users who need to backup, as well as restore all their documents and settings, without affecting data integrity.

Recover your data without booting your system

There might be situations when you accidentally deleted some of your important files or lost some documents due to hardware and software failures, or even virus attacks.

The proper solution is to get a recovery program that helps you to restore all your data using a CD / DVD or a USB flash disk. Still, there might be situations when you cannot access and configure the Boot settings, so applications that don’t require your system to be up and running in order to restore your files come in handy.

Using Redo Backup and Recovery, you don’t actually need Windows to be up to date with the latest security hotfixes. All you have to do is to download and burn the ISO image, then reboot the system. It will immediately load a complete mini operating system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, without altering your files or performing other changes without your consent.

Search your network for drives to backup or restore them

Another important feature of the program is that it enables you to search your local network for connected devices so you can backup them or restore data from them. Since it does not require any interaction from your side, each time a new device is recognized, it will display all of its available data.

This way, Redo Backup and Recovery enables you to get back your important documents and media files even from network-shared folders or USB sticks.

Simple GUI interface anyone can use
Write image to CD or USB stick
Automatically finds shared folders on your network
NEW: Ability to verify the integrity of an existing backup image
NEW: Re-map original data to a different target partition
NEW: Bare-metal (replace MBR and partition table) or selective restore mode options
Extra tools for managing drives and partitions
Web browser for downloading drivers, reading documentation
File explorer for copying and editing files even when system won’t boot
Based on Debian and partclone (the engine used by Clonezilla)


Download Redo Rescue Backup and Recovery

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