Portable ScanScore Professional 3.0.1




Scan, play and edit sheet music quickly and easily with ScanScore. Simply download ScanScore Portable and use your smartphone, tablet or a scanner to scan your sheet music and play it back to you. And you can just as easily transpose your score, export your notes to almost any music program and edit them further.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every piece of sheet music had a play button?
Now with ScanScore, it has!

– Scan printed and digital sheet music
– Play back your score
– Make edits and corrections to the notes
– Transpose notes, staves or the whole score
– Export your score for further processing in another program*
* Like MuseScore, Dorico, Sibelius, FORTE, Capella, Notion or Finale

Scan your sheet music and listen to it.
– Scan the sheet music with your preferred scanning method
– Let it play the notes for you
– Practice your voice or your instrumental solo before an orchestra, ensemble or choir rehearsal

Scan your sheet music and transpose it.
– Transpose the whole score or just single staves directly in ScanScore Portable
– Change the key and make it easier to play or sing along
– Adapt the score to another instrument
– Print your transposed score with just a few clicks

Scan your sheet music and edit it.
– Edit your score easily with ScanScore’s correction tools
– Export your notes (at the click of a button) to almost any music app via MusicXML or MIDI
– There you can simplify, add staves, change the layout and much more!

What makes ScanScore the right music scanning software for you…

User-friendly – scan sheet music and get fast results
– The user interface is very easy to understand
– You can digitize your sheet music within a few minutes, without frustration

Extensive, convenient correction and editing options
– The correction of scanning errors is extensive and convenient
– The playback feature makes finding errors easy

Flexible import possibilities with recognition of PDF files
– You can scan or read in files that you have digitally on your computer
– Even PDF files, for example from the IMSLP library, are no problem for ScanScore.

Significantly improved note recognition
ScanScore works with the newest detection algorithms to produce excellent results.

Export to all programs as MusicXML or MIDI
You can export your notes (at the click of a button) to almost any music program via the MusicXML or MIDI interface.

What’s NEW:

Improved recognition of notes, lyrics and chords
ScanScore 3 is now even better at recognizing lyrics and chord names outside of staves in addition to notes.

New properties menus
All recognized elements can be edited intuitively afterwards, and corrected in case of recognition errors.

Advanced scan/import options

You now have more options to achieve an optimal scan result via the advanced scan dialog. Different page formats are also now supported. You can now automatically recognize the names of instruments and play them back correctly in terms of sound.

Improved playback feature
In addition to the mixer, Scanscore 3 now has an expanded playback menu. Not only can you freely select the instrument sounds, adjust the volume or set the panning, but you can also add a metronome and change the playback speed for practice.

The new Score mode
The scanned pieces can be added on or edited to further in Score mode. Add measures or whole sections – or shorten your score as you wish. Expand the instrumentation or adapt it to the needs of your ensemble: Add instruments, change voices, adjust the order, or change your choral setting. Turn a lead sheet into a rock opera – anything is possible now.

Improved export of scores
ScanScore 3 can export scores as a MusicXML file or MIDI file. Both modules have been optimized for importing into other notation and music programs such as: Dorico, Sibelius, Finale, Capella, FORTE and DAWs.

Better usability through further enhancements
ScanScore 3 now also offers the option to freely define keyboard shortcuts and adapt them to your own workflows. The new score context menu allows quick access to important editing options in just one click. Furthermore, there are many other small improvements and enhancements that increase usability.


Download ScanScore Portable

Download – 52.7 MB

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