Portable TuxGuitar 1.5.6



TuxGuitar Portable is an easy-to-use program that allows you to compose your own songs. The program is written in the Java programming language. TuxGuitar Portable allows you to add notes to a guitar staff or tablature, and most importantly, it allows you to play the score with one of the many included instruments: guitar, bass, violin, piano… In addition, TuxGuitar is compatible with sheet music created with Guitar Pro.

Supported Formats Input:
-” TuxGuitar (.tg), Guitar Pro (.gtp), Guitar Pro 3-4-5 (.gp3-4-5), Power Tab (.ptb), Tabledit (.tef), MIDI (.mid)

Supported Output Formats:
-” TuxGuitar (.tg), Guitar Pro 3-4-5 (.gp3-4-5), GNU LilyPond (.ly), MIDI (.mid), ASCII tab (.txt)

Clear-cut interface and options

The GUI is user-friendly, represented by a normal window with well-organized layout, where you can begin by exploring the menu bar. It’s possible to toggle between selection, score edition and sharp/flat mode, pick one of the two voices available, or show the mixer, player, fretboard, piano and matrix.

Resort to handy tools and configure program options

As far as composition functions are concerned, you can work with the time signature, tempo, clef, key signature, triplet feel, and alternative repeats. You can add as many tracks as you want and play with them, as well as delete any tracks, edit lyrics, or add and copy measures.

Furthermore, TuxGuitar lets you remove unused voices, apply effects, insert text, adjust the track’s duration, re-arrange beats, set and manage markers, transpose the track, convert multiple files into other formats in bulk, tune the guitar, or apply and manage plugins.

It’s possible to select the number of strings, offset, main instrument, percussion track and color, try to keep the notes at the same string, transpose chords and affected notes, change the window title, disable automatic table resizing, customize the font styles, switch to a different MIDI sequencer and port, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

We haven’t come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that TuxGuitar didn’t freeze, crash or display error dialogs. It had a good response time and left a small footprint on system resources.

To sum it up, TuxGuitar comes loaded with the necessary tools and customization preferences to help you compose music in a user-friendly workspace.




Download TuxGuitar Portable

Download – 102.6 MB

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