Portable USB Drive Factory Reset Tool 3.0



Restore USB storage devices back to full capacity and reset them to factory state, allowing you to reuse removable media instead of buying new devices.

A couple of clicks and you’re done
Resetting a flash drive to its default state is not a complicated job, at least not for the end-user. USB Drive Factory Reset Tool Portable sticks to this notion and comes with one of the easiest interfaces out there.

Detection work as intended, and if you connect more than one drive at a time, you can switch between them in a jiffy. Choose the desired file system from NTFS, RAW, and FAT32. Label de device or not, and click the Reset… button to start the process. Ensure you are backing up any critical data before the reset. Even if it might seem obvious, it only talks a moment to accidentally dispose yourself of precious files.

Short to inexistent waiting times
Time is always of the essence. Hence, the tool won’t take too much of that resource. As an idea, we’ve tested the app’s time using an 8 GB, bootable drive. With this storage space, the reset was instant, with no loading times, no wasted moments. Still, larger drives might take a bit more than a second, but you can make an idea using this point of reference.

Overall, USB Drive Factory Reset Tool delivers on its promise and does it very quickly. As long as you know the target file system, resetting drives cannot be easier than this. Add the app to your portfolio, and you’ll probably save some money that would otherwise be spent on overused removable.

Whats New:
Fixed frozen issue for new SanDisk flash drives.
Reclaim disk space used by HPA on Linux.


Download USB Drive Factory Reset Tool Portable

Download – 763 KB

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