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Introducing Big FAT32 Format Portable – the ultimate solution for formatting large capacity drives in the FAT32 file system. This powerful software is designed to effortlessly format drives with capacities exceeding 32GB, allowing users to optimize their storage devices for compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems. Whether you’re working with external hard drives, USB flash drives, or SD cards, Big FAT32 Format Portable is the go-to tool for ensuring seamless compatibility and efficient storage management.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, Big FAT32 Format Portable simplifies the process of formatting large capacity drives in the FAT32 file system. The software offers a range of formatting options, allowing users to customize their formatting preferences to suit their specific storage needs. Whether you’re looking to create a single partition or divide your drive into multiple partitions, Big FAT32 Format Portable provides the flexibility and control you need to optimize your storage space.

One of the key advantages of Big FAT32 Format Portable is its ability to overcome the limitations of traditional formatting tools. While many standard formatting utilities are unable to format drives larger than 32GB in the FAT32 file system, Big FAT32 Format Portable removes this restriction, allowing users to format drives of virtually any size with ease. This makes the software an invaluable tool for users who need to format high-capacity drives for use with devices and systems that require FAT32 compatibility.

In addition to its advanced formatting capabilities, Big FAT32 Format Portable also offers a range of optimization features designed to enhance the performance and reliability of formatted drives. The software includes tools for checking and repairing drive errors, ensuring that your formatted drives are in optimal condition for storing and accessing your data. With its comprehensive set of optimization tools, Big FAT32 Format Portable helps users to maintain the health and integrity of their storage devices, minimizing the risk of data loss and drive malfunctions.

Big FAT32 Format Portable is also equipped with a range of advanced features that set it apart from other formatting tools on the market. The software includes support for quick formatting, allowing users to rapidly format their drives without having to wait for lengthy formatting processes to complete. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to format multiple drives or who require fast turnaround times for their storage management tasks.

Furthermore, Big FAT32 Format Portable offers support for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices, ensuring compatibility with the latest high-speed storage technologies. This allows users to take full advantage of the speed and performance benefits offered by modern USB drives, while still maintaining FAT32 compatibility for broader device and system support. With its comprehensive support for the latest storage technologies, Big FAT32 Format Portable is the ideal tool for users who need to format a wide range of storage devices without compromising on compatibility or performance.

In addition to its advanced formatting and optimization features, Big FAT32 Format Portable also prioritizes user convenience and accessibility. The software is designed to be easy to use, with a straightforward interface that guides users through the formatting process step by step. This ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can confidently format their drives with Big FAT32 Format Portable, without the need for extensive training or support.

From its advanced formatting capabilities to its comprehensive optimization features and user-friendly design, Big FAT32 Format Portable is the ultimate solution for formatting large capacity drives in the FAT32 file system. Whether you’re a professional IT technician, a small business owner, or a home user looking to optimize your storage devices, Big FAT32 Format Portable provides the tools and functionality you need to streamline your storage management tasks with confidence and ease.

The capacity of USB flash drives and hard drives keeps growing every year. Have you ever tried formatting a high-capacity USB flash drive, a hard disk, or a SSD (Solid State Drive) in FAT32 file system on Microsoft Windows? The built-in Format program does not provide FAT32 as one of the available options for your drive. Microsoft Windows suggests you to format a disk/drive larger than 32GB in either NTFS or ExFAT file system. The largest FAT32 volume that Windows can create is 32GB. However, modern versions of Windows can read large FAT32 drives fine.

There are other methods to make larger volumes, since the theoretical max is 2TB for FAT32, but you would find support for large FAT32 volumes to be sparse. In most cases, an error message saying The Volume Is Too Big for FAT32 pops up before the Format operation completes.

Big FAT32 Format software is an innovative formatter to format high-capacity drives in FAT32 file system. As its name indicates, the software is capable of formatting both USB drives and hard drives for up to 2TB. The formatter is monumentally fast, so you don’t need to worry about whether it freezes through the process.

The software allows quick format, which completes disk drive format in a split second. If you would like to erase all the data on the drive, simply choose slow format and optionally securely wipe data using an algorithm of industrial strength. For high-capacity drive, the software features an option namely low level format that thoroughly erases all volumes and partition table information. An interesting feature in the software is vaccination, which immunize disk drives against all types of Autorun viruses. Only one-shot vaccine is needed after the format operation. Users can easily adjust the sector size (aka. allocation unit size) to achieve best compatibility with electronic devices, such as a smart TV or a car stereo. Volume label can be set before the format.

Big FAT32 Format software formats any hard disk, SSD, and USB drive in NTFS and ExFAT file systems as well. The software has been tested with more than 20 USB drive controller brands, such as Intel, Samsung, Micron, Phison, SMI, Marvell, Toshiba, Silicon Motion, PMC, Sierra, OCZ, JMicron, Maxiotek, Goke, Greenliant, Fusion-io, Realtek, SanDisk, Western Digital, Hyperstone, Novachips, VIA, FADU, and more than 22 mechanical hard disk and solid state drive brands, such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, IBM, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Kingston, SanDisk, ADATA, Apacer, ASUS, Corsair, Crucial, HGST, Imation, Kingston, Micron, OCZ, Transcend, PNY.

The professional version of Big FAT32 Format software allows you to quickly and thoroughly format virtually any USB drives, hard drives, and solid state drives with your choice of FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS partition types to support Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.


  • Create a FAT32 volume larger than 32 GB in a split second.
  • Support storage device up to 256 TB.
  • Low-Level format disk drive not recognized by Windows.
  • Optimize disk drive for read/write speed.
  • Securely wipe all the data on disk/drive.
  • Restore disk/drive back to full capacity.
  • No product orientation nor other advertisement.


In conclusion, Big FAT32 Format Portable is a powerful and versatile software tool that delivers unparalleled formatting and optimization capabilities for large capacity drives. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and comprehensive support for modern storage technologies, Big FAT32 Format Portable is the go-to solution for users who need to format drives in the FAT32 file system with confidence and convenience. Whether you’re working with external hard drives, USB flash drives, or SD cards, Big FAT32 Format Portable has everything you need to take control of your storage management tasks and optimize your storage devices for maximum compatibility and performance.



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