Portable CopyQ 6.0.0 Multilingual



CopyQ Portable is an advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more.

CopyQ is a feature-rich software application that keeps track of all Clipboard content to put together a history list. It comes loaded with some really handy options and configuration settings to please most types of users.

Customizable setup pack

The complete package includes translations and plugins for text with highlighting, images, web pages, various data, notes, encryption, FakeVim editor, and data synchronization. Any of these components can be excluded from setup.

Toward the end of the installer, the app can be set to automatically run at every Windows startup until further notice.

System tray accessibility

At startup, CopyQ creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area and immediately starts recording Clipboard contents. It is possible to move any selected entry to the Clipboard to make it the active clip, remove ir from the history list, and view content in detail.

Manage Clipboard content and configure app settings

In addition, you can edit text, take notes, export tabs to file and import them at a later time, define global shortcuts, manage processes, disable Clipboard storing, sort the selected items in ascending or descending order, create multiple tabs, and so on.

CopyQ lets you change the UI language, wrap long text, make the frame stay on top of other window, disable the confirmation dialog on exit, adjust the window’s transparency when it is focused and unfocused, hide tabs, the toolbar, toolbar labels and tray icon, specify the maximum number of clips to keep in the history list, define the external editor, change the position of the notifications, customize colors for all UI elements, and more.

Key Features
Supports Windows and Linux.
Store text, HTML, images and any other custom format.
Customize tray menu.
Save items in new tabs (and groups).
Quickly browse through items (fast navigation, filtering with matched text highlighting).
Sort items, create new, remove, copy/paste to different tab.
Variety of system-wide shortcuts (e.g. show main window or tray, edit clipboard, copy next/previous item, paste as plain text).
Immediately paste to focused window from tray or main window.
Fully customizable appearance (colors, fonts, transparency).
Add notes to items.
Advanced command-line interface and scripting.
Ignore clipboard copied from some windows or containing some text.


What’s NEW:


  • Native notifications now have lower urgency if the display interval is less than 10 seconds. This makes clipboard change notification less intrusive.
  • Preview dock can be focused with Tab key (#1826). Escape, Tab or Shift+Tab returns focus back to the item list.
  • All options are now documented/described when using command copyq config.
  • Command editor now supports highlighting multi-line strings enclosed by backticks (#1845).
  • New option to disable restoring window/dialog geometry (app needs to be restarted after changing the option):
  • copyq config restore_geometry false
  • copyq config native_tray_menu true
  • Support for building the source code with Qt 6 framework.


  • While search bar is focused, pressing Down or PageDown key now selects next item without focusing the item list (#1834).
  • Internal commands (like “”Show/hide main window”, Pin/Unpin, Encrypt/Decrypt) will now be automatically updated in following application releases or whenever the language changes. The side-effect is that only icon, shortcuts,enabled state and list order can be changed for these commands. Old internal commands added in previous versions (5.0.0 and lower) of the app need to be
  • removed manually.
  • Increases the default delay for storing changed clipboard owner. This can help save correct window title for new clipboard content when the window is closed right after the copy operation. The delay can be changed using:
  • copyq config change_clipboard_owner_delay_ms 500 The application version now excludes the “v” prefix in UI and CLI.
  • Log Qt warnings by default (at Warning log level messages).



Download CopyQ Portable

Download – 15.1 MB

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