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Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory portable is a comprehensive set of utilities designed for audio restoration, enhancement and audio archiving. This extensive toolkit will allow the user to remove extraneous noise and also enhance the sound from any audio source without degrading the content contained on the original Recognizing that there is a tradeoff between the degree of noise removed from a source and the fidelity transient and frequency response maintained, the developers have sought to provide the highest level of user control while maintaining ease of use over the variables that affect the audio restoration and enhancement process.

Diamond Cut Forensics Portable is a powerful audio forensic software that provides users with advanced tools for enhancing, analyzing and restoring audio recordings. The software is widely used by audio experts, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and other professionals in the field of audio forensics to extract valuable information from audio recordings.

One of the key features of Diamond Cut Forensics Portable is its ability to enhance audio recordings that may be difficult to hear or understand. The software uses state-of-the-art algorithms to filter out background noise, remove unwanted sounds, and boost the volume of the recording. This makes it easier for forensic analysts to identify important details such as voices, gunshot sounds, or other types of noises that may be relevant to a case.

Another important feature of Diamond Cut Forensics is its ability to analyze audio recordings using various tools and techniques. For example, the software can perform spectrogram analysis, which allows analysts to view the frequency content of an audio recording over time. This can help identify specific sounds or patterns that may be important for a particular investigation.

In addition to its analysis capabilities, Diamond Cut Forensics also includes a range of restoration tools that can be used to improve the quality of audio recordings. For example, the software includes de-clicking and de-noising filters that can remove unwanted clicks, pops, and other types of distortion from recordings. It also includes tools for removing hum, buzz, and other types of noise that may be present in a recording.

Diamond Cut Forensics is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who are new to audio forensics. The software includes an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate through different features and tools. It also includes a range of tutorials and documentation to help users get started.

One of the strengths of Diamond Cut Forensics is its versatility. The software can analyze and process a wide range of audio formats, including WAV, MP3, AIFF, and others. It can also be used to analyze live audio feeds from microphones, making it a valuable tool for real-time investigations and surveillance operations.

Diamond Cut Forensics is regularly updated with new features and improvements based on feedback from users and industry experts. The software is developed by Diamond Cut Productions, a company that has been providing audio solutions for over 30 years. This means that users can rely on the software to be reliable, stable, and well-supported over the long term.

Overall, Diamond Cut Forensics Portable is an essential tool for anyone working in the field of audio forensics. Its advanced analysis, enhancement, and restoration features make it an invaluable resource for investigators and analysts who need to extract important information from audio recordings. Whether you are working on a criminal investigation, civil case, or other type of inquiry, Diamond Cut Forensics is a tool that can help you get the results you need.

Professional Audio Engineers, Audio Archivists, Ham Radio Operators, and Audiophile Hobbyists use our productsfor re-mastering, editing, noise removal and audio signal analysis. It is also used by many local, state and federal government agencies including military intelligence operations for forensics law enforcement applications particularly in surveillance situations.

Private sector forensics audio engineers use it for post processing forensic recordings of phone calls and surveillance tapes. Radio and television networks have found the LIVE (real-time signal processing) feature of particular value in their real-time applications. Additionally a number of Engineering Colleges and Universities use this software as part of the laboratory portion ofsome coursework pertaining to applied DSP techniques.

In addition to all of the DCart features, the Forensics version offers a wide range of forensic specific filters targeted at forensic applications

  • Making speech more understandable
  • Verifying the authenticity of a piece of audio
  • Determination of possible edits
  • Identifying speakers
  • Identifying background sounds and events

New Forensics Features

  • Forensics Audio Whisper Enhancer Filter (including 15 factory presets)
  • Spectral Frequency Tracking to aid in Audio Authentication
  • Audio Statistics Feature (Peak, RMS, Avg, pk-pk…)
  • Auto “Remove Silence” function for easier transcription of long surveillance files.
  • Forensics Histogram vs Time display added for analyzing entire files in a histogram domain.
  • Comparative Histogram allows comparison of statistical distribution of two areas of a file.
  • Subsonic Explorer feature to help find sub-audible events
  • Set a file Time offset for tracking time in multipart files.
  • Direct Access to the Adaptive Frequency Domain Filter (AFDF)
  • Channel phase view to identify edits or track the movement of multiple talkers in a stereo voice recording.
  • Find out what they said with the new Whisper Enhancer. Listen to this demo: Before and After
  • Locate potential “Edit points” with the new Subsonic Explorer
  • Remove periods of silence from long surveillance recordings to get right to the dialog with the Remove Silence feature

Whats New:

Here are some of the highlights:
New Auto Voice Tool – This is a Major new tool. It has two independent math processes that adapt in real time. One finds noise and the other finds human speech. These are then separated. This is a tool you should try first with any voice recording as it’s so quick and easy.

New Cell Phone Noise Filter – This new tool allows you to “teach” the program what a cell noise impulse looks like. It’ll then search out those impulses and remove them and replace the pulse with interpolated good audio. You’ll find this is useful on a wide variety of cell noises that are picked up by nearby recorders.

Direct Spectral Editing is now available – This will allow frequency domain edits or interpolate functions. Not only can an area be attenuated right on the spectrogram display, but an area can also be augmented so as to be heard better.

New Spectrogram Functionality – The tool has many enhancements but retains its super high resolution and fast speed. You can even scroll the spectrogram while playing audio. This is now a great tool to do authenticity studies.

New DeClipper tool – Now includes two methods for the repair of clipped and distorted signals. One has an adjustable strength and the other uses a method of frequency domain interpolation. The result is much more distortion is removed.

New Voice ID Function – Uses industry standard approach to allow you to see and rank the speech formants of a selected word, syllable or other speech. It also shows a frequency response plot and a Cepstrum graph. It provides the tools necessary for an expert analysis of speech characteristics.

New Overtone And Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer – Allows the operator to add some “fidelity” into muffled or otherwise hard to understand speech.

New support for Flac, Ogg Vorbis and Broadcast Wave audio file formats.

Voice Garbler – This tool disguises a human voice making it unrecognizable as to person and the process used in non-reversible providing security sometimes needed in Forensics audio where a person needs to remain covert.

Documentation – Spiral Bound, 727 Page Printed Users Guide and comprehensive Help File

Release Notes:

  • Added Support for ASIO sound cards
  • New Audio Control Center in DCTunes
  • Speed Increase for Loading/Saving DCTunes Libraries
  • New stereo simulator presets for the multifilter
  • New monaural demo recording
  • Bug Fixes




Download Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory Portable

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RapidGator – 93.2 MB
Forensics11 Users Manual – 10.8 MB

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