Portable Disk Recon 14.0




Disk Recon Portable is a disk space utility that reveals all the crucial information that you need to find out where all your disk space has gone and how you can recover it. This information is not easily available in the normal windows explorer.

Disk Recon Portable makes it easy for you to manage your hard disk space, find the folders which are taking up too much space or show you which duplicate files and duplicate folders you have stored.

Folder Sizes
• Find large folders easily
• Show dates, owners, attributes
• Graphical views (pie or Bar chart)

Duplicate Files
• Duplicates by name or contents (CRC)
• Duplicates Folders (new)
• Select and delete files

File Search
• Extended Filter possibilities
• Unicode filenames supported

File Monitor
• Show all file or folder activity
• Capture file history

Batch Rename
• Many rename options
• Also Attribute or date change

File Preview
• Supports most common file types
• Search inside files



Download Disk Recon Portable

Download – 4.1 MB

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