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Android Transfer Software – Droid Transfer Portable is a Windows application (utility for accessing Android media on Windows) that works with the free Transfer Companion app for Android, allowing you to transfer SMS and MMS messages, photos, contacts and files from your Android phone to your PC via a USB cable or over your local Wi-Fi network.

You can save your phone messages in a variety of file formats, including PDF, HTML or Text. Droid Transfer also saves all the photos, emojis, and videos in your messages, along with the date and time you received them.

You can also print Android phone messages directly from Droid Transfer running on your PC.

When you connect your Android phone to your computer and after installing the necessary drivers if this is your first time connecting, your phone will be loaded as a storage device. You can use it like any storage device that uses Windows Explorer to move, copy, and delete files. However, if you are looking for more options, you should definitely check out this review!

Droid Transfer Portable is a Windows application that allows you to connect your PC and Android device using a USB connection or over Wi-Fi. The installation is quite simple and you are entitled to a free trial. Alternatively, you can purchase the full version for €21.00 for 2 Windows PCs. This is a one-time purchase so no extra fees!

To connect to your Android device over Wi-Fi, you also need to install the Transfer Companion app on your phone, connect to the same network, and scan the QR code. You can continue to use your phone normally while managing its contents using Droid Transfer. You’ll need to provide certain permissions to allow access to files, photos, music, contacts, calendar, messages, or call logs, depending on what you want to sync or back up.

Droid Transfer Portable really offers many useful features. For starters, you can use it to backup your contact list, text messages, and call logs. You can even save messages in PDF format or print them from the app. Of course, there is a file manager where you can add or remove files. Unfortunately, the only way to add files is through the Add File button which will open File Explorer for you to select the file. We want the drag and drop method to be available. Also, you cannot rename files or move them on the device.

What we really like about Droid Transfer Portable is the way it displays music and photos from your device. You can easily export your photo, video, and music library to your PC, or even sync your music to a folder on your computer. Another great feature is clipboard synchronization. You can copy something to your phone and put it in the Windows clipboard instantly.

An Application Manager is also included, allowing you to manage installed apps and install apps from APK files stored on your computer. This app is great for keeping your phone and PC connected via cable or wirelessly. It does everything perfectly except raw file handling in terms of moving, copying and renaming files already on the device.

Whether it’s photos, videos, songs, presentations or other types of files, transferring files from your smartphone to your desktop is one of the common things people do every day. . Droid Transfer is a tool designed to make this task easier by allowing transfers over your home or office wireless network.

Manage and transfer music libraries and messages

It is worth mentioning that the program (utility to access android media on windows) allows you to save messages along with photos, emojis and videos they may include. The messages can be saved in plain text, HTML or PDF with the date and time when they were received.

In addition to messages, you can also transfer music and the developer claims that the tool can also transfer music directly from the iTunes library as well. Then again, as you can tell from the menus available, the application can also handle the transfer of other data types, including, but not limited to calendars, contacts, photos, call logs or contacts.

An Android to PC transfer tool that can help preserve space on your smartphone

Providing that you already have the wireless network configured and all devices connected to the same network, Droid Transfer can make transferring files from your smartphone to your computer a hassle-free task.

Save Messages and More from Android to your computer.
Backup Android Messages to PC
Export Text Messages to PDF
Print SMS with Dates and Times
Backup Contacts and Calendars
Sync iTunes with Android
Works Without Root Access

What’s NEW:

  • Various bug fixes and stazbility improvements.



Download Droid Transfer Portable

Download – 37.1 MB

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