Portable Hiits Studio



Introducing Hiits Studio Portable! A simple drag & drop software that allows you to Create pro DJ Mixes for your next party/video/fitness class/show in just a few minutes! Hiits Studio Portable is the best drag & drop music software for creating professional DJ mixes.

Whether you’re a pro DJ looking for an efficient way to prepare your next live set or a beginner excited to dive into the world of DJ mixing, Hiits Studio Portable is the right tool for you! Just drag and drop songs onto a timeline and let the app handle the beat-matching & volume normalisation, while you focus on the fun part – finding songs that mix well together & fine-tuning transitions.

– Automatic Beat-Matching
– Tempo Detection
– Transition Editor (Volume & Effects)
– Full BPM Control
– Import Audio Files (wav, mp3, flac, ogg vorbis)
– Phrase Detection (Chorus, Breakdown)


Automatic beat & volume matching
Seamless beat-matching and loudness normalisation on any song you drop on the timeline

Music library analysis
Advanced analysis of all your audio files (mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, etc) to detect loudness, beat grid, BPM and phrases (chorus, breakdown)

Full BPM control
Control BPM independently of songs & create constant tempo or custom tempo mixes

Creative transition editing
Volume curves, filters & effects, plus a bunch of transition presets to help you add character to your mix

Iterate mix ideas quickly
Smart interactions that allow you change songs & transitions without breaking other parts of the mix that are already done

Create structure templates for your mixes with predefined time intervals & assign colours that help you match the music to the structure

Seamless beat and loudness matching.
Hiits Studio Portable automatically detects the beats and level of your songs. Drop any track on the timeline to synchronise rhythm and balance volume to perfection.

Creative transition editing.
Quickly mix two songs with transition presets. Adjust fade curves, filter cutoff and other effects to add your unique style.

Intelligently sort and group music into playlists.
Hiits Studio Portable analyses your entire music library and gives you tools to visualise tempo, breakdowns, drops and intensity levels. Use these insights to build and organise songs into playlists.

Effortlessly structure your mix on the timeline.
Create and reuse templates that describe the structure of your mix. Define time intervals and assign colours to help you fit music intensity to programme flow.

Designed for fast workflows.
A flexible environment where you can easily make tweaks and try out new ideas without breaking your mix.



Download Hiits Studio Portable

Download – 246.4 MB

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