Portable MiTeC Internet History Browser 2.4.0




Internet History Browser Portable collects and displays internet browsing history in comprehensive interface with powerful filtering engine. You can trace and see all your (or someone else’s) web sites visits including date and time and used browser.

Keeping track of visited sites is not only important for surveillance, it can also come in handy when you forget certain pages of interest and want to access them again. If multiple browsers are used on a single computer it gets a little time-consuming opening each one of them to find specific pages in your history. Needless to say what MiTeC Internet History Browser Portable will help you with.

Get all records with a single click

The application features a fairly simple design, the main window making you be seconds away form viewing any visited page on all of the supported browser. You may not add a different browser to the process, so in case you are using something else you’d best change your mind.

Find desired pages with ease

Hitting the “Scan” button will bring you to the next and last step in which all results are shown, pages being ordered by the date and time they were accessed. You may not choose a different filter, in spite that it lets you see how many times a specific page has been visited.

Results are stored in categories named after the exact date, all of them being expanded by default which makes it a little difficult to navigate through. You can take advantage of a search field however, you still have to manually go through all results if you remember very little about a certain page you want to revisit. If you manage to find it you simply hit the “Open” button which automatically brings up your default browser with the desired page.

In conclusion

MiTeC Internet History Browser can help you create a database of all pages ever visited. Results can be saved so you won’t lose anything in case something happens to your computer or history is cleared from the browser. With a user friendly interface it can prove to be just the help you need in keeping track of browsing history.

Supported browsers:
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla SeaMonkey
Moonchild Production Pale Moon

Target platforms:
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 2016
Windows 2019


Download MiTeC Internet History Browser Portable

Download – 4.4 MB
Mirror – 4.4 MB

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